Gather beauty is superior readme au $4 billion behind Chen: keep prick silk, keep questioning

recently, gather beauty is superior, the founder and CEO ms Chen in Forbes China’s second period, talked gather beauty is superior to enterprises from a prick silk, turning the nyse has a market value of $4 billion, because of following the stay doubtful (keep self-doubt) prick silk business logic, ms Chen talked about the business model, query expansion, the question of choose and employ persons, the question of advertising. The following is ms Chen about $4 billion at the scene of four business logic.

hello! I am ms Chen, gather beauty is superior, founder and CEO, today very happy here and meet you. Our company listed on the nyse on May 16th, deputy editor of Forbes China Shang Weiwei find me, say your company listed, the company valuations billions of dollars, to share with you to share, put chicken soup, before the age of about 30 business how to create a better life.

I said,, you first come to my office and have a look. What results she came to me this, red wine, champagne, beauty I hadn’t seen, dinner is in the office eat dish, still have to eat in ten minutes. , she said you handsome Grosvenor LTD life how so miserably, meal time is gone, I said, Grosvenor LTD handsome to do investment, who do electricity!

a lot of a line of business leaders now, every night every day, just expect after the racket, it is definitely a misunderstanding, if think so or sell the company as soon as possible. If you need me to fill chicken soup, describe various Grosvenor LTD handsome prospect, or find the entrepreneurial bosses and investors, but if it is to understand how entrepreneurs, companies how to die, I here a lot of experience.

here’s entrepreneurs have? How many financial information? Financing $10 million how many? The financing of $100 million? Took $100 million, my next speech may be useless for you. After all, your hand will have enough money to go to trial and error, enterprises also have enough ability to resist risks.

beauty only melt in the history of the $13 million, in the electricity business is absolutely “poor enterprise”, go to today is very not easy. For entrepreneurs take money is not much, I hope get beauty prick silk logic can give you some inspiration.

Steve jobs said, stay foolish, stay hungry. Today I add a, stay doubtful, keep questioning. People may say, I’m too good, every day I have questioned my opponent of unfair competition.

when the server can’t open, it must be the opponent attacks, when the opponent financing is successful, the ya sure financial fraud. When a listed company, with comments are bad company to circle the beauty of the old money.

so is credit crisis, in my keyboard have also played a part. I am not here to encourage people to when the keyboard, questioning, not doubt others, but to learn to his own question.

first, learn to challenge business model. Entrepreneurs are the strongest self-esteem, to entrepreneurs to deny their business model has a problem, that is not a simple thing.

entrepreneurs side very carefully to protect our business model, for fear that other people know, on the other hand feel that all the people who do not understand their best business model is SB. My direction is right, the truth always in the hands of a few people, don’t insist on which there is hope! And bosses say, today is very cruel, cruel tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful. Hold on for a few days elder brother took the BAT went out.

hold on! Bosses say insist, is the insistence of entrepreneurship, to the team fighting spirit of persistence, rather than to adhere to the business model, more is not a small proud founder of inner stick to it.

jack ma, began to do the most in the yellow pages, several adjustments, after ali from B2B transformation also do taobao, made billions of dollars of giant today; 360 is also from the early community into a search for the Internet giant security as the core business of billions dollars. Beauty, start to do the most is the in-game advertising, if there is no of business model to explore, also early dead.

the Internet is a highly changing industry and even bosses are looking for new opportunities in the fierce change, we should be more fierce embrace change. Founder’s mission is not to achieve your heart little hobby, more is not maintain their self-esteem, but actually found a correct way to success with your team.

Internet speed change, so only to self doubt, and the business model for questioning, find a big market, a high-speed development opportunities, find your tuyere, for those routes to, to find the real breaking point.

in addition, the business model of confidentiality does not make sense in China, because China’s enterprises always win in the implementation. Sue facebook creative infringement in the United States and then get billions of dollars in this business, is totally impossible in China.

Chinese entrepreneurs is the most difficult, he needed in a myriad of competition in the face of the most powerful opponent, the final will work million bones. Also because of this, I believe that with the globalization of the world, China’s entrepreneurs is the ability to conquer the world.

when it comes to execution, it involves enterprise expansion, I speak the second point, is the query expansion.

well, congratulations you now find a viable business model, you are very excited, the team is excited, the investment of the local tyrants and excited, too. Did you get a lot of money, ready to go. The stock is listed in the recent boom, not local tyrants to earn less money, this time to find the local tyrants financing is a good time. Angel rounds recently heard that A lot of project valuation to $10 million, A round of valuation closer to $100 million, is absolutely entrepreneurs in the spring.

but why recent valuation higher? Much money bai, funds to make money, financing is easy. Local tyrants money will inevitably begin to invest more, so that entrepreneurs more money? Expansion of bai.

most of the enterprises to get the money will start crazy expansion, increase business line, made several people look pleasing to the eye as division general manager, well, I’m the general manager, have to get a pay rise.

by the way, our general manager have to attend more industry conferences, otherwise the za enterprises more industry status? General manager, we have to match a few soldiers, tube people down a peg or two more? Not good, as long as expensive, instant office fill up.

as a result, high mountains, office politics, also had appointed for to have the right, more people waste too much.

we’ve witnessed great enterprises rapid expansion after raise lots of money, the results of all funding all become sold out of stock.

we have interviewed a do own brand executives, salary is absolutely not ah, is higher than our company vice President. What does she do? Created a million a year inventory sold out, the supplier directly to the dead. We asked him, can you bring to gather beauty? Her red face smiled “I have to burn a $to buy lessons”. And how much do you salary? She said shyly, job-hopping also how long a “50%”, options must have, after all, is the executive.

note, circulate on the market the biggest is such a person. Many enterprise financing after expansion, not to mention the direction right, the understanding of the business and talent reserves fundamental couldn’t keep up with demand expansion. More than a heap of vice President and general manager in the company, not to mention throwing a grenade killed a director. At the end of the night to create a performance in addition to a bunch of more people and burn a lot of money, have no what barriers.

finance many enterprises will die because of blind expansion, not to mention here a lot of resources of entrepreneurs? And the expansion will make countless money to burn, made a lot of tuition, and these the tuition that people can easily move, find a good job in the end.

and see how many people are there in your company is real solve the problem, the real business indicators, hang executive positions regardless of performance? Gather beauty up to now, we only have 8 to 9 vice President, and director is four or five individuals, for a long time before we only have three vice President, and we focus on is the hands of a few cosmetic SKU they sell. If we didn’t focus, we would die.

and many companies have countless business line, numerous executives, dug up a lot of people, do a lot of things, in the end he didn’t solve the core problem: the goods is sold. Early entrepreneurs, must know where the bullet concentration can hit out a pit, single point break through barriers is the start-up format, expansion, it is belong to the local tyrants the luxury of the enterprise.

the third, the question of choose and employ persons. All entrepreneurs like that talent is the company’s most important asset, also like the big kan his philosophy of choose and employ persons. Why? Because it not only is his only love, and can use a good man is the master.

anybody here feel of choose and employ persons is there a problem? I don’t think so. No one wants to admit himself with the wrong person, because of choose and employ persons is CEO. But in fact? A lot of company of choose and employ persons have problem.

there was a time in our company marketing by digging people dig, in I stayed here for half a year, go out earning, well, it’s executives. What’s more, we get 2500 of the company a market commissioner, was dug out 20000 a month, to the director of the Title, to the options. My friends all commotion, say the za beauty is too dig, pay substantially undervalued. Could solve the commotion, his boss soon, our company is a manager, was digging in the past when the partner. You say me the charm of ms Chen again big, also do not leave before the poaching offensive.

I was also very nervous at first, although is not the core, but always know the commercial secrets of the company, the second, poaching, will inevitably lead to the company’s internal vibration, a lot of people will question the company’s system, fear of civil strife. At that time I also struggle for a long time, but the final result? Soon our competitors are all dead.

why he is willing to pay such a high premium? Two reasons: first, the company secrets, the second, the brand premium. Who is the core of the real people? He can after when vice President, when he sold it all confidential, he what? No more.

he doesn’t have the ability to solve the problem, and he would be in each other’s company made a very big hole inside, because he set up a high standard of compensation, the other company of the elders is a great shock, centrifugal, is a disaster.

today, think about it, how many people are the people? I believe that the vast majority of people are such people, when you go to see the people around you have how much is the so-called halo, but don’t take business refers to the standard? And how many people can really solve the problem, but the salary is undervalued? To pay a premium aura, destroyed the pay system, damage the patriarch, value? Judge talent value, the core is the ability to solve the problem.

dig before each of the “noble”, remember to ask yourself, the person can really help me solve the problem? If the answer is Yes, if the person really can help you to solve a core problem, again is not too expensive, you give more shares, more cash, have to please come at any cost. But don’t pay for the so-called halo, and created a group of job-hopping profession and bigger hole.

4, questioning. I have been very painful, because every day being harassed, who are harassment? Most of the advertising company. Now I only feel fortunately, they didn’t put my phone number on the dating sites.

I have seen countless companies after financing dropped the dirty ideas over unreliable channels, finally to compensate. After a lot of company get the money, hope quickly by advertising batter to death, but when there is no ready and went out to spend.

gather beauty will do? We will assume that all advertising media are liars, assuming that all marketing is invalid, and then to prove our point of view, they cheat to find clues. If we can’t prove, we’ll consider it. Today, we also don’t have a media we don’t understand.

this cautious because it is over, we bypass the countless pit on the way. Last year, 301, a media gave us a very favorable price, under such a temptation, we have very heart, hope to try on a large scale drop at a time. But I was struggle, because the media has been not meet me on the logic, also see a lot of whitewash the clues of the data before, to say the least, I don’t understand the media.

in the end, after three days and three nights, I don’t have to convince themselves, although because some damage, break and this temptation is still enormous. The media with a big budget our contract to rivals, but I still insist on using only oneself know media, creative have confidence in myself. Finally, we created the miracle of 301 Chen OuTi, baidu index in the day to break the millions, effect than expected.

we have always firmly believe that all of the media, has the effect of quantitative monitoring, can’t quantify, resolute don’t vote, all the so-called integrated marketing, not every media effect analysis, are all play rascal.

301 this year, I heard a big electric business to sniper, we spent hundreds of millions of advertising, know poly beauty brand advertising last year a total of how much money? 60 million, less than 1% of sales. Why we can spend only 1% of the money? Because we are very clear, our material is cast on what media is most effective, we know that we spend every penny is valuable. So, when you get the money, don’t mind fever, when you set up on the frame before, must learn to question the ads.

so much to share, is to let everyone know that gather beauty values: keep prick silk, to question!

there is no question of business model, today’s beauty together;

there is no question of expansion, today’s beauty together couldn’t take it to that cosmetics barriers;

there is no question of choose and employ persons, poly beauty today impossible headquarters only 4 floors, by a group of young people 25 years old, but still can win several times their own resources opponent;

there is no question of advertising, poly beauty would like countless enterprises today to tens of millions and billions of ads to burn out.

today all the experience to share with everyone, hope everyone stay doubtful, keep to self-doubt. Hope you have a day to $100 million, enjoy the local tyrants, but before becoming the local tyrants, keep of self-doubt, you can go further, thank you!