Gmail test the new interface: look better and better

maybe before long, you will see a new Gmail interface. Google has already begun to invite some users to participate in the new page test. American science and technology media exposure in the test page: more concise, focus on the mail processing and reading, on the left column to redesign. Whole design style and the mobile version of Gmail and Google Now closer to, Google more uniform cross-platform programming language.

one of the biggest change is the left sidebar. Gmail had a large amount of content in the left-hand sidebar stack, inbox, draft box, Hangouts, etc. Now on the left side bar almost disappeared, only click on the top of the “three poles” will launch the operations TAB. The top and consistent project article search button. Above the blue bar is a common color of Google Now.


users view the center place occupied by a content. In addition to the original social, promotion and so on four classification, Gmail has added three classification financial, travel and shopping. Another Gmail notification function (on) has been added, allowing users to interact with the mail notification. Collect star function was replaced by the Pin Pin, the Pin E-mail will always be located above the inbox. Gmail, contrary to the Pin, also joined the Snoozing silence function, users can silence of received mail for a period of time, after some time to appear in the inbox.

in addition to write E-mail, and other functions are moved to the lower right corner, otherwise the function of other test here do not have a public.

sidebar Hangouts icon from do move directly to the upper right corner, click on the below after a list:


overall, test the Gmail function distribution more reasonable, more unified visual effect. New features innovative. A word: look better than the current version is better.

but what need reminds is, Google will often test some new page, as a result of new interaction online for all users. As Gmail users, of course, I really like this new page, hope the project will be launched as soon as possible. It also shows the Gmail the 10 – year – old products remain the vitality of innovation and change.