Gold hardware involved in intelligence, “small honey” had navigation prevent lost etc. Function

today, gold maps in weibo announced the upcoming first intelligent hardware products – small honey, the product’s official website ( has a low profile.

it is reported that gold map small honey have quick navigation, traffic broadcasts, intelligence prevent lost and bluetooth shutter four big functions. Its core function should be associated with driving, according to the website, in the process of driving, Scott a key to achieve small honey can open gold map live traffic, avoid traffic jam. In addition, as in gold map set common destination, a key to achieve can also open the gold map navigation, and planning the optimal travel route, was driving in the process of search, query, the navigation process, to ensure that the driver safety.

look from Scott map small honey product shape, with one yuan coin size, portable easy to take. Scott’s official did not disclose the specific price at present. We have learned, at present has lost the function of the product on the market the lowest price is in one hundred yuan of above.

in addition, the map of gold small honey in the near future will in intelligent hardware platform, experience on youtube recruiting for open beta users.

before this, tencent launched map lobo box car networking hardware products, provide the road navigation, security check, fuel consumption analysis, etc.