Gold period OR bubble? In silicon valley startups valuation average growth of 85%

according to foreign media reports, according to the law firm Fenwick & amp; West LLP, according to the latest findings in the first quarter of 2014, silicon valley start-up to attract venture capital rising sharply.

in the financing of start-ups in the first quarter, only 8% of the company’s valuation fell, 76% of the company’s valuation rise, the remaining 16% of the company valuations remain the same. Valuations startups proportion and valuations in the difference between the proportion of start-up companies reached the highest level since the second quarter of 2007. In the second quarter of 2007 the difference value of 70%.

Fenwick & amp; West LLP, also found that financing start-ups in the first quarter of the average valuations of growth rate of 85%, compared with the previous quarter average valuations growth rate is 57% increased significantly. Startup valuations intermediate value growth rate of 52%, far higher than the previous quarter’s 27%, at the same time the indicators have reached 2004 Fenwick & amp; West LLP to calculate valuations intermediate value growth rate to its highest level since.

Fenwick & amp; West LLP survey statistics in total 156 silicon valley technology companies and life science companies financing situation, the result of the investigation is further evidence that the risk investment support these startup valuations have reached the highest level since the dotcom bubble burst.

at the same time of the private ownership soaring valuations, has listed technology companies is a big change that situation. In the year to the beginning of march, most of the technology company’s stock has been rising; From early march to the end of march is falling rapidly. In the first quarter of the whole, the nasdaq composite index rose within 1%, after entering the second quarter of the index have been in decline.

the us stock market plunged Thursday, drop in nearly five weeks since the highest record fall, one of the small dish stock decline is particularly fierce.

in the first quarter of the venture capital mainly flow to the Internet/digital media and software, and other fields, the two start-up companies in the field of valuation of intermediate value increased by 78% and 78% respectively. Fenwick & amp; West LLP, also found that in the use of advanced liquidation preference for the third consecutive quarter of keep reducing, this is mainly because startups the influences of risk investors.

source: tencent technology