Good fairy tale of tourism, the virtual 3 d travel more imaginative?

only in the day, no more mountains and neat. Look up red sun, back in the white clouds is low. This is the northern song dynasty prime minister KouZhun describe huashan a poem.
The famously risk huashan always attract many visitors. If I tell you today, can through the web site to see 3 d version of the huashan scenic, whether or not you will.

good fairy tale tourism is doing such a thing. Their use of 3 d virtual technology, the real natural landscape and rich cultural knowledge together, provides users with a way of virtual tourism. Let users never leave home can be free to visit in the 3 d virtual scene, and other useful information can view spots, understand the local conditions and customs of the scenic area, and can interact with other users chat make friends, also can go about with the real travel.

due to time reason, good fairy tale tourism scenic area model of platform online is not much, only five 5 a scenic area, shaanxi province 3 4 a scenic spot. Platform technology is the fact that the first each scenic spot will pass 3 on3dmax, Maya for 3 d modeling development, on the network platform by Unity 3 d rendering to technology. Because the Unity3d have perfect ability of 3 d display and rendering, and support real-time rendering, real-time shadows, and physical properties, particle effects, such as a strong bone skin function. Finally, after add animation and audio virtual 3 d landscape will be more realistic, can greatly enhance user immersive, to achieve the effect of visitors into real 3 d environment.

good fairy tales tell hunting cloud network team, they have their own modelers, field trips every scenic spot, and then will take the time to tidy up the attractions of important information and historical information, will cooperate with the scenic spot at the same time, according to the requirement of the scenic spots to add new information. And can change in real time, to ensure that is always the latest scenic spot scene rendering.

now, good fairy tale travel or focus on the B side, their direction is to do the project first, after do website, and then the mobile application. Project will do more accumulation, to ensure that the content is full, is now doing the scenic spot has the lijiang river, wuzhen, huangshan and so on. Direction of the future plan is to cover the national, the project focused on the tourist class 4 a/5 a level scenic spots.

doing project of scenic spots, spots is currently free of charge. But if you need to add other content will need to charge a fee. Plus scenic spots around the hotel, for example, additional scenarios such as visitor center. Tell hunting cloud network team, at present there are certain income, but the proportion of very few.

in the future, good fairy tale travel more inclined to do C, scenic area rich project, they will cooperate with the scenic area, to get the tickets, hotel discounts information, such as (do not rule out cooperation with other websites) on the basis of the virtual tour with the concept of electronic commerce. Help scenic area change traditional propaganda way to users at the same time different scenic tour experience.

the good fairy tale the browsing experience on the computer is not too smooth, for the first time using need to download a plug-in they accelerate the experience. Plans to travel this direction at present, there are also firms that are doing a flying carpet 3 d travel network, panoramic guest, etc. Flying carpet 3 d travel network and good fairy tale pattern is almost the same, but the project is too little. Panoramic guest spots but is more more real. Virtual tourism more at the exploration stage at present, for the acceptance of the general public, still have to see the future.

Based information

Company: shaanxi Byrd information technology co., LTD.
Products: good fairy tale travel
Time: in October 2013,
Location: shaanxi, xi ‘an
Stages: initial
Areas: 3 d, travel
Summary: a good fairy tale tourism using 3 d virtual technology, will be the real natural landscape and rich cultural knowledge in combination, combined with audio and special effects to cooperate, to provide users with a virtual tourism situational experience.

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