Good network for morningside tens of millions of dollars of capital B round of funding

June 18, favorable credit platform for domestic P2P networks announced finish tens of millions of dollars in B round of funding, for morningside capital investment institutions.

good network CEO Liu Yanna said the funding will continue to be used in product development, IT technology upgrade, risk control system, to set up the capital of the firewall, and attract talented people to join.

Liu Yanna introduction, favorable network since its launch, has been working with the best of the domestic microfinance institutions to cooperate, is currently with the national 23 of 8000 small loan companies to achieve cooperation. Screening high quality through small loans company borrowing needs, recommend to positive net, to invest for have financial needs of users. Liu Yanna believe that cooperation with microfinance institutions model embodies the concept of specialization, small loan companies to use its own resources and advantages, complete customer credit investigation, risk assessment, and post-loan management work, more in line with the concept of professional division of labor.

sunrain morningside capital partners, said morningside capital have been looking at good web development, very bullish on its platform model and the future development space. As an online only more than a year of website, is in favor of the high speed of network development manifests the combination of Internet and the traditional financial services have shown strong vitality. In favor of the business model of network and give full play to the characteristics of the Internet, have the platform edge, the new investment into later, will help better network to further strengthen its platform properties, improve service ability.

data show that good online line in February 2013, the number of registered users so far more than 760000 people, the total turnover of more than 1.8 billion yuan. In favor of the mode of network features introduced the third party small loan company to audit checks of the lender, to control the rate of bad debts. At present, in the country’s 8000 or so small loan companies, favorable selection net 23 to cooperate with them.