Google acquisition of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) company Titan Aerospace, aim at networking around the world

before the media widely reported Facebook is buying a solar energy research and development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) company Titan Aerospace. The company research and development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) using solar power, can stay for a long time in the airspace for several years. Today, however, the dust settles, according to, and get the jump on Facebook, Google will be the company.

Google decided to buy the company, is the status of its solar unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) ability of empty for a long time. It can be used as a base station network, provide Internet access to remote areas all over the world. For that Google has been underway for more investment, including “Google balloon” project, and cast O3b satellite company, founded A4AI organization, etc.

Google company said that they intend to eventually launch thousands of balloon into the stratosphere and provide service for global 4.8 billion without Internet population. Under the “network” of the balloon, the user’s Internet speed can achieve today’s 3 g network even faster. If successful, countries are expected to save the high cost of erection of fiber optic cable, it can significantly increase the population of Africa and south-east Asia network, fill network service blind spots, restore network without Internet can also help the affected areas.

at present the project has been in New Zealand tested for a long time in remote areas.

O3b Network is by Google for a satellite communications company. 4 the first time this summer have broadband satellite into earth orbit in success, the current O3b has started to customer service agreement. From somalia to Micronesia between large, Atlantic region of Africa are covered in the satellite.

The name of the

O3b from meaning “Other 3 billion-plus”, it is representing the “connect” 3 Billion users that are hard to get to the Internet.

Google Google, Microsoft, Microsoft, Facebook, Facebook, Yahoo, Yahoo, Intel and Intel. The company teamed up with institutions such as government, non-profit organization established the Alliance for Affordable Internet Alliance, in order to promote the UN commission on broadband grand vision.

the commission prior to 2015, is expected to provide Internet access to all developing countries. And, this kind of Internet access fees will not be more than 5% of local urban residents’ average monthly income – which is to provide affordable Internet access.

from a hot air balloon to solar uav to satellites, we can see that Google’s dream: to those who were forgotten in the digital age 40 more than the earth’s citizens to the Internet. Almost “fantasy” through a variety of technologies to provide cheap Internet services available to remote areas.

let more people access to the Internet, of course, in the interests of the world’s biggest Internet company Google. Promote the circulation of information around the world, is also a good power itself a remarkable achievement. Although a critic of the gates with its global network connections than malaria, however, are not entirely contradictory, this promote the flow of information and knowledge dissemination, also contribute to the improvement of the public governance of underdeveloped regions.

Google I/O this year, Google will show more “let more people to get to the Internet” big progress. Google I/O on the website of animation has revealed, including satellites, balloons, a variety of ideas.