Google conference “accidental”, opponents denounced Google without morality

in the highly anticipated Google I/O congress convenes in 2014, two uninvited give Google in almost excited and developers, two basin of cold water poured from head to foot.

the first “opposition” is a woman, she is in the Android project director Dave Burke, holding a write full declaration of protest T-shirt, and shouted loudly: “Google please give oneself develop a conscience! Stop Jack Halprin behavior like that!”

Jack Halprin is Google a lawyer, although he did not play, but recently became a Google opponents to attack. Investigate its reason, is the man had recently been using the law to the original ZuMin driven out of the house. In fact, since this year, about the Internet giant of science and technology result in silicon valley and its surrounding property prices rose, innocent people caused by “displaced” thing has fired. If the average poor, Google also has a lot of helpless. Who let them too can stop money!

another opponents appear on Google technology architecture, senior vice President of Urs H? In the process of lze’s speech. The man called: “Google is building the totalitarian, someday they will develop to kill human robot.” Google has previously announced acquisition of more than 10 robot manufacturing company, and in under Andy rubin, secret makes the robot project.

what’s interesting is that both Google executives in a “surprise” when the performance is very different. Dave Burke detachment, as if nothing had happened. Some older Urs H? Lze is clearly rattled by, and even caocao ended his speech.