Google Drive update: add four password, differentiated document editing functions

Google Drive update the iOS client yesterday, this update provides password service, users can set different passwords in each iOS devices for privacy protection and so on.

however, applying updates often have surprise also have drawback, the Google Drive add password service at the same time, chose to Google Doc and Google Sheet two basic document editing function is separated into two independent application – user to update the stamp the document you want to edit, you will see from the Google Drive prompt, suggest users to download and install the Google Doc and Google Sheet two software. If the user would open the document in Google Drive, and just look at the contents inside the preview mode, cannot be modified.

although Google Drive that separate document editing and cloud storage function, or will help Google optimization respectively two kinds of service, also has the function of the users to choose their real needs, but in the present, used Google Drive and don’t want to phone number N application user estimates have to experience a long period.

in general, the iOS side made such a change, Google Drive Android end should also not far away. Although within the Android version of Google Drive temporarily have not received related update information, but in the Google Play does Google Doc, Google Sheet can be found that the two application.