Google executives for prostitution, drug life

Police said, the United States, a 26-year-old high-end prostitutes as it said in a 51-year-old Google executives inject heroin, the drug overdose death, and then fled the scene. The case occurred in the anchor in the city of Santa cruz port on a yacht.

alex Catherine’s, (Alix Catherine Tichelman) and frist Timothy Haynes (Forrest Timothy Hayes) through the network understanding, they are a Santa cruz city residents, one is Google executives. On November 23, 2013, when two people go to hines berth boat harbour in Santa cruz (Small Craft Harbor) yacht, they have been maintained.

police said, he carried a heroin that 50 ft yacht, and inoculating Haynes, but when Haynes unconscious, she tried to hide the bodies and fled the scene.

Haynes yacht surveillance video filmed the Haynes drug overdoses and subsequent happened, the police said: medical complications were found Haynes and eventually lose consciousness. Timothy did not helps, but put away your items (including heroin and needles) and compiled the ship. Her a few times across Haynes’s body, one is to go to a cup of wine and drank half a drink. Leave when she’s back down the door shutter shade to hide the bodies.

the police suspected her of last week for second-degree murder, destroy the evidence and delivery charges, citing arrested timothy. In order to find the timothy, police said posing as clients and are willing to pay more than $1000 in Santa cruz with her meet at an upscale place. Santa cruz, police said they are still investigating occur in other states another “similar” case, timothy is also involved.


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