Google Glass the sale in the United States, the material cost is only for one over ten

Google official announced today that the local residents can now be as early tester, cost $1500 to buy to the Google Glass (Explorer version). Earlier today, according to reports from IHS wearable equipment material cost of this day is only about $150.

pointed out: “last week, we tell you to launch a more diverse ways, to invite more people to join Google glasses early testing plan. This is not a bosh. Today, Google decided to invite the American people to join Google Glass early testing project. Only $1500, login can book purchase the device.”

since its launch in 2012, Google glasses as most eyeball economy wearable devices, has been hanging enough people’s appetite. Whether its grand launch, somewhat melodramatic to test a small scale project, and later the day up, etc., let us wait too long. Now Google this behavior, is basically indicates Google Glass not far from the large-scale business really. Previously reported that Google will be officially launched this year Google Glass.

a little sadly, test version of the $1500 price seems to be not too populist. What’s more, wearing Google Glass also can attract others.

it’s interesting that earlier today, IHS teardown report shows, Google Glass material cost is only $152.47 – is the developer version one over ten of the price. IHS emphasized, however, the device technology content high, such as research and development “intangible cost” is much higher than the visible material cost.