Google has “apple fanboy” : Android Wear/Auto/TV system customization, are not allowed to OEM

Google has told Ars Technica has confirmed that the latest Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV will be OEM manufacturer does not allow a third party, the Launcher line of customized processing in the system.

Google engineering director David Burke points out, all at the Google I/O on the release of Android, including Android on-board system, Android wearable equipment system, the Android TV system, the system on the surface of the skin and the underlying software, will be uniformly controlled by Google, oems have no right to the customized processing.

“Android UI is (Android) an integral part of our products. Google makes every effort to create unity across different devices for the user experience. Oems can use Android, and under its own brand, you can also add any service they want to add (content). But beyond that, all the other should be consistent with the requirements of Google.” David Burke so stressed.

the more it is worth noting that Google about the goal of “to build a unified system experience” quite carefully. Because Google will bypass the oems and carriers, direct control of the Android system upgrade control.

analysts pointed out that Google has changed from the original “do whatever it takes to get partners and users” s growth, become now “creating standardized ecological system”, the mature boom. If so, has been touted as the most open-source Android mobile phone system, seems to be more closed source, more “apple fan”.