Google has secretly has decided the smart home Nest into open platform

a Nest is to build their own smart home platform. Future Nest will act as intelligent household central station, intelligent household products, from all the other oems can log on to the platform, and through the Nest products unified management control.

the report did not identify the plan of the Google, however, have the following information are worth noting.

first, Nest and suggested that the future will be and/or have whirlpool, Benz, logitech, Jawbone and IFTTT companies such as a partnership. Allow third-party intelligent household equipment and Nest products “connectivity”, and subject to unified control;

second, Google will also as “partners” Nest products, will Google Now merged into Nest products. When the user home Nest detected automatically start the thermostat and other intelligent household equipment;

third, Nest said there have been 5000 developers are interested in joining, and hopes to Nest to build a unified platform;

4, Nest joint Google ventures, kleiner perkins caufield & byers has set up a incubator, called “thoughtful product foundation” for each promising project investment of tens of thousands to millions of dollars of angel investment.

in addition, the report pointed out that the Nest Dropcam recent acquisition of the company, its open for Google to build smart home platform is the most powerful proof.