Google I/O 17 point indicated that Android in the future

today early morning, held its annual Google Google I/O. Design a new period, we see the Android L system; See Google tries to unified platform Android Design style more developers guide frame Material Design; See the Android development direction of the future – fusion and grow into a across the smart phones, PC, wearable devices, smart home, vehicle type of a big MAC system, virtual reality platform!

we count the event’s 17 points, in order to allow you to quickly understand the above information.

Android One project, open the 5 billion market potential users

Andy rubin at the beginning of the meeting and announced plans to launch Android One. The project aims to emerging markets, especially in the dominant function machine market, provide more cheap Android phones. It is worth noting that cheap does not mean that bad experience (did). Because, all the Android One project launch device, will carry nearly native Android. Although operators and moderate oems can undertake customized application pre-installed, but under the control of mobile phone system upgrades will have Google.

it is understood that the project will be the first in India to launch this fall, will then spread all over the world. Google, according to official news first Android One mobile phone at around $100, 4.5 -inch display, support double card double stay.

Material Design Design framework for Android from mature to unified

Google officially launched today called “Material Design” the developer of the guide frame Design. Under the unified guidance of this framework, on the other hand, the Android system itself on multiple platforms (mobile phone, tablet, Web, TV, etc.) on the design idea of tend to uniting the; On the other hand, Google, and third party applications, service in different platforms such as Android and Chrome OS, will present a more consistent style.

although leaked information is not much, but overall, the Material Design of tonality is mainly “colorful, minimalism, thin line, nuanced and excessive fluid animation, more free space, focus on the visual display of information.”

Android L across multiple platforms such as mobile phones, cars, tablet, TV’s “big MAC”

as we have previously reported, Google and change the traditional practice, early released the latest version of the Android system. This system by Google called “since the launch, one of the biggest changes in the history of Android upgrade”. In Material under the guidance of the Design, the Android L in new and unified guise including mobile phones, tablet, Web, smart TV, wearable devices, automotive entertainment systems, intelligent home involved user every aspect of life such as the “big MAC” of the operating system.

Google shows some prominent changes in the Android L for us, for example, the lock screen, the screen will display a notification message, and the user can in the notification list for fast operation. In addition, users can also use the intelligent watches with mobile phone adapter wearable devices, to unlock phone.

multitasking, application integration and the Chrome web tag

Android L redesign of multitasking, in addition to show changes in the way, multitasking situations will open the page in the Chrome note, as a task independently.

search, broader

global search to further strengthen the concept of the new system. Users Search for movies, music and other content, Google Search will show itself first all of the content. Search the information such as food, the system will automatically jump to the related applications.

Project Volta, Google’s new battery optimization Project

Project Volta through Android battery optimization application of the official launch, to improve the battery life of equipment. In addition, the Android L also comes with a mode to save power. Google claims that open the pattern can bring users at least 90 minutes of “extra”.

Android L started built-in “remote delete mobile content”

officially launched the Android Wear

Android Wear characteristics mainly reflected in three aspects: first, on the whole attention to provide users with visual information display; Second, highlight the integration of Google Now voice control function; Third, the original mobile phone take too much function or function is not suitable for hold, the wearable devices such as smart watches. Users through the up, down, left, right push-pull sliding, the equipment can be completely control.

the first pick up Android Wear smart watch out

they are square smart Watch G Watch from LG, prominent feature is the “permanent bright screen (similar to the electronic ink display technology)”. Price of $229, will now accept reservations, early July shipment;

G Watch

circular smart Moto 360 watches from MOTOROLA, the biggest buy is “distinctive circular design”. Revealed its price for $249. Specific launch date is unknown, about to launch in the summer;

Moto 360

from samsung’s Galaxy Gear Live, the first samsung Android Wear smart watches. Look after, and before carrying Tizen system equipment is not too big difference. Priced at $199.99, will now accept reservations, early July shipment.

Gear Live

move the Android Google official car

Android Auto, Auto cast version of the Android L system

Android Auto adopted and apple Car Play the same basic strategy: the original of translation to Auto mobile operating system control panel.

Google said that the main function of the original Android Auto mainly in three aspects: “navigation, communication, music”. In order to ensure the safety of the user’s driving, almost all the basic functions can be done by voice control. In addition, Google also will provide the SDK for developers on today, so that its for Android Auto fit more applications.

Android Auto partner will reach 40

Google points out that carrying Android Auto car will not be released before the end of this year. So far, Android Auto support partner including the dodgers, Chevrolet, Chrysler, audi, bentley; Generally, Songza, Pandora, Pocket Casts, MLB ‘s At Bat, etc.

Google formally entered the sitting room

Android TV available

Android TV is an aggregate of smart TVS and set-top boxes. Main points are as follows:

, is a set of Google specifically for smart TV make Android customized version of the system, easy operation, intuitive information, pay attention to the personalized recommendation;

, fully integrated Google voice search;

outstanding game entertainment function, even support multiplayer games;

it is understood that SONY and sharp in 2015, launched the first Android TV.

Chromecast is like a mirror of the Android TV

prominent function with the following:

, even at the same wi-fi discord Chromecast cases, the user can also load streaming video program. Google said they would not reveal details of the technology;

by Chromecast, users can put all the adapter brand smart devices (samsung, HTC, LG, the Nexus), the content of “mirror reflection” to the TV.

in the future, Google will move the Android applications more seamlessly on Chrome OS . There are Evernot, Vine, a unique application on this.

Google through Office and Google Drive “gap” , you can use Google Drive directly edit Microsoft Office documents. Continue to strengthen multiplayer online collaborative editing. Analysts said that Google’s move means that will speed up the pace of the “invasion” of the enterprise and the market.

launch Google Kit, into the healthy track field

Google launched Google Kit today, the application is similar to apple Health Kit, as the user all healthy track “send and receive data center” of the equipment. It is worth noting that Google Kit the main cooperation objects including Nike.

stunt? Google present virtual reality gadgets

at the end of conference, Google for each participants here presented a called “Cardboard” virtual reality tools. In cooperation with it, the user through the phone can be achieved similar to the effect of virtual reality helmet. Of course, the participants commented: “this is just a Google a temporary stopgap products”.