Google I/O two days countdown, 11 “good dream” to do

two days, that is, at 24 in Beijing time, Google will officially start of an annual Google I/O. At the conference, Google will bring us what the new things to change the world? Cloud network quoted hunting, foreign media reported a brief comb for you below.

publish possibility bigger:

Android Wear smart watch system

smart watches technically to make Android Wear no accident, should be bared. Previously, we have seen the official release of the Android Wear simulation system diagram. This is a highly integrated Google voice assistant Google Now custom version of the system. In addition, analysts believe that the first pick up Android Wear smart watch will also be available. Including LG G Watch, Moto 360 MOTOROLA, and samsung, a new intelligent watches products.

Android Wear propaganda video, suspected to Moto 360 equipment

Android “L” system upgrade

if ordered by the naming of the Android system, a new version of the Android system should be named as “L” at the beginning of the name. After media reports that Google will launch this year on the Google I/O Android 4.5 or 5.0.

it is understood that if the latest Android system will provide more optimization services for enterprise users. In addition, the new system will further integrate its multi-platform system integrity, the Google service different platforms, will present the UI design more unified.

Android TV a bit may

after hunting cloud network reported about Google will launch a smart TV operating system in the future. Android TV is a continuation of failure of Google TV. Just, Android TV and Android core purpose, committed to build a more concise, open source system platform, and is not linked to content developers.

however, some analysts believe that Android TV are unlikely to be in the Google conference. Part of the reason is the lack of sufficient support to content providers.

Android on-board system close

we think Google will be at the conference, officially the customized version of the Android into cars. Currently, Google car open alliance partners including general motors, Honda, audi, nvidia, and so on. It is worth noting that the previously reported that Android on-board and apple CarPlay system will take the same strategy: the Android system is mapped to the vehicle center console, rather than a redevelopment of embedded systems.

Google smart home service

a few weeks ago, the sources said that Google will release on the I/O smart home control center application. This function is similar to apple’s Home Kit. Although specific details we don’t know, but after indirectly by Nest $3.2 billion, $555 million will be Dropcam into a bag, also is completed intelligent household industry preliminary strategic layout.

Google glasses, and the price cut down

this needless to say, basically is certain. As for the price depends on how much Google’s sincerity.

publish relatively small possibility:

Android Silver will replace the Nexus?

after media reports that Google will launch the Android Silver items and cancel the independent brand mobile phone Nexus. Android Silver mainly Google to select a few from OEM’s flagship devices as Google Play version of the original system.

analysts pointed out that the project will not officially launched in 2015 at the earliest.

Google at least will also launch a Nexus equipment

in addition, the sources said that Google will love this year launched at least two Nexus device. One of the most likely is a 8.9 inches from HTC Nexus of tablet.

2012, Google released the Nexus of 10

more touch friendly Chrome OS

after media reported that in order to further and Windows and Mac OS PC operating system market share has been declining, Google will launch “Athena project”. The project aims to make Chrome OS has better way of touch. This means that, in the future we will see this with a multi-touch screen.

Google + from front to the scenes completely

this is different also. Nearly a period of time from Google moves, Google + from a basically want to challenge the Facebook social networking sites, and become the hidden behind the scenes, Google identification system.

some crazy idea:

Google phone modular project is unlikely to be the focus of the conference;

Google tango project (building surroundings by mobile phone 3 d model diagram) is unlikely to roll out ceremoniously;

Google balloon and get further shows the progress of the Google optical fiber.

in addition, Google paying attention to this conference will discuss with Android Design and related Design issues.