Google in the construction of a safety cover global “cloud wi-fi”? !

according to, Google is currently working with wi-fi equipment manufacturers Ruckus Wireless cooperation, create a “virtual wi-fi network” based on the cloud. If the end of the network can be completed smoothly. So will become a coverage across the globe, allowing tens of thousands of wi-fi nodes access the scattered all over the world “” air network.

analysts said excitedly: “Google is in the form of Google – like, promote the wireless network industry boom!”

simply, Google the plan is to the original physical wireless networks into virtual network based on the cloud. Mega virtual wi-fi controller is placed in the cloud, can let many equipment as a whole, rather than individual “router” included in the unified wi-fi networks. In addition to do so on the network coverage, reduce infrastructure costs, also facilitate the management and maintenance.

Google the aim is obvious. If the intangible “net” spreading in the end, so has a strong “, “can use it to transmit a series of network services to further, a large crowd. In addition, Google can also use the web to promote mobile payment and other new business.

Think about it, if the

this virtual wi-fi networks can also cooperate with Google optical fiber, then each of us will into a “super highway network era!”