Google launched the Android L enterprise management tools

(compile: zhu ning)

from Google I/O conference last month, Google will put samsung enterprise security system part adopt the Android version of L. This version allows you to work and personal data input with mobile phones, unprecedented simple operation, and two data are safely and completely through the sand box test.

in a few days ago, Google and samsung bring us more Android L information function in the enterprise.

Google will be able to take advantage of the Android system existing function to create a personal account management accounts, be IT strategy oriented to manager to provide some integrated control function. In Google to provide the sample code, developers can learn how to set up the basic management account. Related tools allow strategy manager performs the following operations:

enable or disable the other applications, limiting its Settings.

, configuration and management of individual account profile.

, erasing all data associated with the management accounts

in addition, each device at the same time there is only one account management.

we are sure that with android L start to learn more. New method to control the android intent seems very interesting, this is exactly what Google the secret to have a foothold in the enterprise. You can’t send personal email Google Drive documents, you also can’t from the import file management applied to the management application, I understand these things.

such facilities to ensure safety, since only the blackberry BES service solves this problem. Google has a chance to change this situation, we can see the tools of is the way forward.