Google: monthly search 100 billion times, Chrome users exceeds 750 million

Google CEO larry page in the recently released annual, up to now the amount of users use Google to search a month have up to 100 billion times, up 15% from a year earlier. But as the world’s first in the number of browser, Chrome’s total more than 750 million users.

first of all, pointed out that page information and data is the core of Google. Google is building “intelligent” scene search tool. , in a nutshell, the future of Google search keywords without user input, and automatically by the “perception” user needs to provide information for the user. While the great dream still has a long way to go for a period of time, but Google is step by step toward this direction diligently. And the launch of Google voice life assistant Google Now is one of the typical example.

second, think our current page is in a “screen time”. As a result, the wants to get a successful Internet technology companies, to provide users with smooth, real-time synchronization “across the screen experience”. Chrome has broad user base, covering all the computing equipment platform. Android is extended to a new platform, in addition to smart phones, tablets, Google is also put it into wearable equipment and vehicles.

in the letter, emphasize the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of Google page problem is Internet access problem. Worldwide 5 billion has not yet been used on the Internet, Google is potentially huge user group in the future. This is why Google is widely read failure balloon project, can the company founder has always keep optimistic and positive attitude to it.

in the end, aiming at the problem of people “Google raffish” page explains. He pointed out that when a company in the field to a dominance, it needs to expand and innovate. In view of the development of science and technology industry is evolution rather than revolution, therefore in the process of innovation, no one can fully see the results in the future. Therefore, Google is willing to try everything “can significantly improve people’s quality of life” of the project. Whether health (the Calico), or the Internet of things (Nest). Despite their seemingly and Google’s core business is not related, but it is the same as the Google company’s founding philosophy.