Google next week to push on-board system, it is a pity that to adopt strategies like apple

according to, Google will be held next week Google I/O, officially released its on-board systems. Let a person feel a little sadly, reported that Google’s on-board system also will be the first to adopt strategies like apple CarPlay, become a “Android mobile mapping on-board system”.

apple CarPlay released earlier this year the car in the system. The system is mobile intelligent device 7 simple version of the iOS “projection”. In other words, apple is put his hand on the iOS do only little after optimization, and moved the car.

today reported that Google will also adopt this strategy. The cloud network editor hunting you feel some regret. If according to the analysts, Google’s on-board system should be similar to the Android Wear ways – according to different usage scenarios, launch a highly customized Android vehicle system. , of course, we can’t sure the extent to which Google on-board system optimization.

it is understood that Google on-board system in internal also to “Google Auto Link”, this year began to appear in the car of partners in succession.

to be fair, take the “mapping system” strategy is a good way to quickly achieve advantage of “translation”. Given the global Android smartphone ownership has more than 1 billion, even a simple “system translation” will make CarPlay and its junior partner face enormous challenges.