Google on the same day delivery service in Los Angeles, New York



last year, Google Shopping Express delivery service in San Francisco, the bay area for the first time. Today, on the same day of the Shopping Express delivery also began to expand outside the bay area, landed in Los Angeles, Manhattan and New York, San Francisco will be covered in Beverly hills, west Hollywood, etc., the New York area are targeting in queens and brooklyn.

Shopping Express provide the Android, iOS, client and web client (, to provide users with local stores to choose and buy goods on the same day delivery service.

choose Google goods delivery services will not increase the cost of shopping, also can be obtained from the merchants of docking with the Google integral and discount offers.

, according to Google Shopping Express partners is still tesco (Costco), perfect (L ‘Occitane), walgreens (Walgreen’s several major retailers.

on the same day delivery “N sufficient tripartite confrontation”

in addition to Google, the online retail giant amazon, ebay also launched the same day delivery service, and start-ups such as Instacart also aimed at the grocery and retail distribution.

at present, this kind of distribution business were mainly concentrated in the urban city that developed areas, consumers tend to take the money in time. But according to the related research, online consumers willing to pay the shipping costs are often lower than fast delivery cost, so the delivery such fast delivery attempts often also need to take some risks with the capital pressure.

such as amazon, Google, of course there are big companies in the capital to try, and combined with fast delivery service to get more user preferences, habits, etc. And in these industry pioneer, the network shopping also will become more easily, quickly.