Google push “the sleepy sitting on station” function of domestic developers should copy

don’t know whether you also and hunting cloud network editor you feel the same way: very not easy to squeeze on the subway, and pleased to sit down, but because of sleepy sitting on the stand. Already got up very early, but eventually catch a late set. Whenever this time, I hope to have a special application, can be automatically feel I should get off at the station, let me relax to doze off, wait to stand it will remind me to get off. For those who get up early, an office worker, drink drunk, on transportation, this is absolutely just.

today, Google voice assistant Google Now launched this feature. When in transportation, open Google Now can automatically detect distance your destination and a few stand, about how long it takes. Wait to stand, it will automatically prompt you to get off. Used Google Now knows that it has self-study function: can record the user often go to the place. Especially for the two point one line workers, in the use of Google Now after a period of time, it will understand to your home and work place and distance.

unfortunately, ordinary mainland users to Google services. Good at imitating domestic developers, really should not miss this opportunity to learn. Just, let the editor jun’s fear is that the network in the Beijing subway is very unstable. Even if the application developed, but without good data connection is in vain.

in the end, cloud network editor you hunting for people like me helpless pain out a recruit: good estimate off time, set the alarm clock, to the point of automatic alarm… It should point to use.