Google this: subversion or repeat a netbook?

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

recently, traditional PC chip bosses, Intel announced in collaboration with Google in this formal, based on Intel chips of this item for this year will increase from last year’s four to 20, and including the notebooks, desktops and all-in-one PC, and the cooperation of manufacturers are almost covers such as HP, dell, lenovo, asus, Toshiba, acer and LG and other traditional PC makers.

although the industry for this gave different fads in the PC industry evaluation and analysis of the netbook, but from its still USES Chrome OS (published) as early as in 2009 and most still need to use the online application, this and netbooks in the market and users mind still has a high degree of similarity. This will no doubt cause industry speculation that this is subversive or make the mistake of netbooks.

at this point, we might as well to review why the rage of netbooks fall at that time. There is no doubt that apple tablets which caused by the release of boom is a major cause of netbooks out of the market, but we need to know is here, the netbook is hit from the tablet, mainly on the price, application mode and portability. Low, although the price of a netbook, but this is compared with the traditional mainstream PC, compared with the tablet PC, netbook does not have obvious advantages in price, followed by the application. Because the tablet is paid more attention to entertainment, so the netbook support so-called mainstream PC applications (including commercial Office) advantage in this no longer exists, or is not the primary factor of market and users to consider, and on portability, obviously, in the form of a traditional laptop netbooks nature can’t compare with the tablet. In that case, the tablet is popular, and even impact the traditional PC today, why do this favor again?

like netbooks, as early as a few years ago, this listing is based on the Chrome OS, just at that time, Google Android system has not yet been like today in smartphones and tablets have made so great advantages and influence, the traditional PC market is not like this encounter such decline, combined with the popularity of netbooks, this is very difficult to find based on space, from these factors, this is fate.

then over time today, Google Android’s success, through to the industry in its establish ecological systems (including hardware, system, application, etc.) the ability of (Microsoft) in the PC industry; The traditional PC market under the impact of the tablet and smartphone is suffering the biggest decline; Netbooks first to become a victim in the impact. Can say, the block based on Chrome OS this factor for the development of the so-called fate has been cleared. Combined with Microsoft and traditional PC makers in response to the traditional PC market declines, maintain revenue and profit and PC/tablet mixed this price is high, poor sales, and objectively based on Chrome OS this yield a survival and development of the market space. From this perspective, the Chrome OS in the PC market this year, is Google Chrome OS market strategy properly. The Chrome OS cuts time just right and power. The so-called right time to do the right things.

look at today’s this product and application itself and before this netbook (defeated) the new changes. First of all is that it got including Intel and the full support of traditional mainstream PC makers. Before this with only a handful of support in stark contrast. As far as we know, due to the popular netbooks, mainstream PC is still growing, Intel and mainstream PC makers did not put eyes and Chrome OS as a key, so it fails to accomplish anything it is not surprising. Importantly, with the development of smart phones and tablets in recent years, the market and users of this Web based cloud applications are not strange, as this way of the application of Chrome OS from simple online before, into a mix of online and offline. Especially in the PC users concerned about the support of Office applications, such as Google will let users on this offline watch TV shows and movies and offline processing documents.

in fact, Google has already announced recently with world famous virtual machine VMWare software vendors, allow this notebook to direct access to the cloud server Windows applications. And users through the VMWare company based on VMWare HTML 5 Blast Horizon of the Desktop – as – a service solution, can let this user more easily and regular access to traditional Windows applications, such as through the remote server access to Office applications, etc.

the final look from the price, today this is cheaper than the netbook, or even lower than some smart phones and tablets. Remember we analysis the netbook in front of the fallen in front of the tablet is one of the reasons why the price is high.

what has been discussed above, we believe that, although today this still and netbooks have similarities, but already is shaped like a god does not like, together with its own compared to before there have been great changes and the market and users for the new way of cloud application consciousness enhancement, the odds were against the netbook before repeating past mistakes, and in the way of using, for the traditional PC industry have a certain subversive.