Google to start new projects Baseline Study, want to use big data to prevent disease

Beijing time on July 25, morning news, Google launched a called Baseline Study of the new scientific research project, hope fully describe what on earth should be a healthy person’s body shape.

in order to complete the project, Google will be anonymous genetic and molecular data collected from 175 people, will gather again after thousands of relevant data.

the project is still in the early stage of development at present, the 50, molecular biologists Andrew Conrad (Andrew Conrad). He had created to facilitate extensive and cheap way of HIV testing, for testing of donated plasma.

join Google X Conrad in March 2013, he has formed a team of 70 to 100, covering the fields including physiology, biology, chemistry, optics, imaging, and molecular biology.

although there are still large medical and genetic research exists, but the Baseline to collect the information quantity is bigger, a wider range. They want to help earlier researchers found signs of heart disease and cancer, and to promote prevention measures, rather than just focus on the treatment.

the program is not restricted to specific disease, but use a variety of new diagnostic tools to collect hundreds of different samples. Later, Google will use its massive computing power to find the information hidden in the “biological label”, so as to help medical researchers found disease ahead of time.

, for example, the study found may be some high fat food can help people decomposition biological labels. Who has these biological labels, will suffer from high cholesterol and heart disease of time delay, no labels of this type may be having a heart attack earlier. Once the Baseline found the label, the researchers examined can understand which lack this kind of label, and help them correct habit, or to develop new treatments, help them to better decomposition high fat food.

Google owns the world’s largest computer network and data center, can quickly provide the search results and video services. It can also be used for storage and analysis of medical information.

so far, most have found biological labels are associated with advanced disease, because this kind of research has focused on the patient. Therefore, the effect of using existing data for disease as early as possible. The researchers believe that the new project will be a significant leap, because the body is too complex, and scientists now for the interactions between DNA, enzyme and protein, as well as diet on the health effects of environmental factors are poorly understood. And this study can offer more information for scientists.

Google said the Baseline using anonymous way, to collect data and medical purposes only. These data will not share with the insurance company.

however, it still caused a great concern. The data in the future will bring great value to the insurance company, they always hope through all kinds of information to reduce risk. In addition, others may get married in recruitment and reference data.

Baseline will hire at duke university and Stanford university school of medicine to supervise, by the way they control the use of the information. (dinghong)

source: sina science and technology