Google want to pull a HTC, sausage or last a Nexus tablet

according to, HTC will launch a 8.9 inches at the end of the year the Nexus of the tablet. Analysts pointed out that this is likely to be Google launched last a code for the Nexus of the tablet.

according to the media revealed that the general configuration of the device are as follows: 8.9 inch screen, 2048 x 1440 resolution; Carry the nvidia prototypes K1 processor; 2 gb of RAM; Stereo front speakers; 7.9 mm thick, 418 grams net weight. It is worth noting that the report pointed out that this tablet products will use aluminum material. Want to know before the Nexus of equipment are used in plastic material.

sources, the device will be entitled to the Nexus 9. 16 gb version costs $399, the 32 gb version for $499. In addition, there are costs relatively higher LTE version. It is reported, the Nexus of 9 listing date should be in the fourth quarter of this year, explain to match the latest version of the Android system.

after the media reported that Google will cancel the production of own-brand intelligent device Nexus. Future joint OEM manufacturers such as samsung and LG will launch similar to Google Play version of the flagship device.

Android’s arms, once put HTC on top. But also in Android, HTC and fell into the trough. For now dying ham sausage, close cooperation with Google again, may be able to let oneself “back to the point of blood”. Want to full health, however, raised, or on your own.