Google: we will sell expensive driverless cars!

Google self-driving car project director recently revealed that Google plans to officially launched in six years after Google driverless cars. Although not find reasonable business model, but also said Google initially will sell this car is very expensive.

Google driverless cars come from the world’s most creative laboratory (one of) — Google X of a project. The plan hopes in-car ultra precision navigation and sensor technology, to achieve more secure automated driving vision.

Google self-driving car project director Chris Urmson said in an interview, really want to drive a car, it will be at least 6 years of research and development time.

at the moment, we do not yet understand Google will adopt what kind of business model. Google, however, the idea of autonomous mass production driverless cars seems to be unlikely. Google said it had approached with some big car manufacturers, to discuss the cooperation of driverless cars.

in addition, Chris Urmson, stressed that the Google driverless cars adopted from Velodyne companies in more than 150 laser sensor, so the car in a period of time will maintain a high price. Google did not disclose the specific price, but said with massive sales, Google self-driving car prices would eventually tend to be more reasonable.

from the current media reports about the Google driverless cars, real road driving test the car’s experience is good, high reliability. But want to imitate and even beyond the human driving, still need more “practice”.