Google will build or safer “corporate version of the Android”

according to, Google is buying a startup called “Divide”. It is understood that the company’s main business is to build enterprise users more secure mobile operating system solutions. Analysts believe that Google’s move is to want to change the enterprise users for Android “unsafe” impression, and in the field and iOS, blackberry and other equipment.

we about the details of the deal is still unknown. But the report says, after the completion of the acquisition, Divide to join team will appear on the Google Android department.

Divide formerly Enterproid, they in the mobile operating system adopts the concept of “containing” segments, personal data from the device and the enterprise important information such as “place” in the “container” of different. Not only that, Divide the solution also allows the user data from the remote control equipment.

so far, Divide has gained from Google ventures, comcast ventures, high ventilation cast, Globespan Capital Partners, Harmony, Partners, investors, a total of $25 million in financing.

a long time, the Android open source system in giving users maximum “free” at the same time, its safety also has been widely questioned. Google seems to also hope to be able to put his own rich applications, to the more lucrative enterprise market. But the system security (Android), from a certain extent, has become the biggest bottleneck. Acquisition of Divide exactly can effectively alleviate this problem.

Google promised after completion of the acquisition, Divide the existing users and services will be retained.