Google will cancel the Nexus autonomous mobile phone brand?

according to, Google will cancel the independent brand mobile phone Nexus. The most perfect interpreter, as Android Nexus phones since the launch, has been the major Android mobile phone manufacturer product standard. Let a person feel gratified, Google after cancel the Nexus brand, will launch a new specification of the Android ecosystem strategy.

this strategy will be as part of the Android Silver plan. Popular says, is that Google will from many OEM production flagship device, the selected some models, to pick up the latest native Android system. The selected cell phone, will get the same treatment with the previous Nexus, first get the stability of the system upgrade. However, as is similar to Google Play Edition version of the mobile phone, Google will significantly (even) completely eliminate the OEM pre-installed applications.

Android Silver project as early as in the earlier this month was major competing media coverage of science and technology. According to previous exposure documents show that Google is committed to through the Android Silver project, cooperate with telecom operators, in its retail stores to build “Android’s top equipment furnishings”, to promote and hire professionals. In addition, the top Android phones will also have a similar to amazon’s “Mayday” 24-hour customer service function.

it is understood that Google will spend at least $1 billion to promote Android Silver project.

the Nexus equipment since the launch, in the user’s demand. Particularly the Nexus 4 became a series of classic. Google why want to kill myself skill training “children”?

analysts believe that this would mean Google further controls for Android. Recently, Google seems to strengthen the violate the rules of “governance” Android bottom line. Nexus as a landmark product, there is no for samsung Android companies produce substantial exemplary role. Earlier this year, samsung “magazine” design style, let Google “wrath”. Samsung is then Google summoned, the two sides reached an understanding, samsung give up magazine style, and said it would further to Android. Another classic example is Google, which had asked oems in the mobile launch page to add the wording “Powered by Android”.

if the plan area promotion, will no doubt and custom OEM depth flagship mobile phone, have a greater degree of competition. Of course, the premise is the plan to get the positive response of many partners. It is reported, LG and MOTOROLA will first be Android Silver “candidates” of the plan. And given the samsung, SONY, such as HTC had brought the Google Play Edition version of the flagship device, they should be reluctant to support the project.