Google will reduce the site’s search of unencrypted data shows that weight

recently “heart blood” security vulnerabilities, really let users follow the big Internet companies over time. As the Internet company, can provide users with the most secure network environment, will become the future users whether to choose the key indicators of your service. Recently, Google has always uphold the “don’t be evil”, let us see again it is highly responsible attitude to user security.

the Wall Street journal said, citing sources in order to increase some malicious hacker monitoring, steal the difficulty of user data, Google is considering launching a web search results weight award scheme. In a nutshell, all those websites to encrypt user data transmission, will obtain a higher search rankings. On the contrary, those wrong user data encryption, and even contain malicious programs and Trojan website will be down by Google search.

the report pointed out that Google engineer Matt star Mr. Cutts previously in the public and internal meeting, revealed Google this plan. Sources said the plan is still in the early stage. Google said officials can’t give any news.

after the network data encryption, can provide the security of data transmission. After “heart bleeding” loophole, because hackers sent confusing instructions, obtain the data transmission of the OpenSLL key, resulting in the leakage of the user data.

Google search shows weighting algorithm, there are about 200 species, most of them are unknown. This does not open, also caused the people doubt the fairness of Google search results. If the above message correctly, so Google reward program, will undoubtedly promote the website developers to raise awareness of network encryption, the maximum extent, ensure the safety of the user’s data.