Graphene will become the next battleground: apple samsung reserves a large number of patents

guide language: bloomberg website according to Friday, samsung and apple company (hereinafter referred to as the “apple”) in the global smartphone market competition is from the court to research and development center, the two companies are now actively compete for graphene technology patents, and try to apply this material to the next generation products.

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graphene can be seen as a high-tech version of the plastic wrap. This is a kind of transparent material can conduct electricity, can extend to the mobile phone or tablet of the surface of the glass, turning it into a touch screen. Relative to the current technology, the thickness of the graphene material is thinner, intensity bigger, better elasticity, therefore very suitable for the next generation of devices, such as flexible smart watches, and can be folded into smartphones tablets.

samsung, apple and have to see the potential in this respect, and began to reserve and graphene technology related patents. That is partly because, in the next five years, wearable computing equipment market will expand 14 times. Samsung this month sentenced to apple in a patent infringement lawsuit compensation of $120 million, so the company is actively seeking to become the next generation of technology leader of the intellectual property rights.

Seoul big securities analyst Claire gold (Claire Kim), said: “the future, mobile devices will achieve real bending, can easily fold and unfold. In this case, we need the graphene. She believes that the first implementation technology of graphene commercial companies will gain advantage.

Patent contrast

according to the UK intellectual property office reported in 2013, samsung has 405 published patent applications, ahead of the competition. In the United States, according to the U.S. patent and trademark office information, samsung has 38 patent applications, including at least 17 in the invention profile mentioned the word “graphene”.

apple has two U.S. patent application related to graphene. In addition, companies such as IBM and foxconn have registered the graphene related patents.

for consumer electronics manufacturers, graphene has a huge market potential. According to Yakee Group of data, by 2016, global sales of mobile devices will be $847 billion. The British Juniper Research had expected in October last year, wearable computing equipment market scale will expand 14 times over the next five years, to $19 billion.

at present, the consumer electronics manufacturers are working with academic institutions. Seoul national university professor HongBingXi has gained an and graphene screens mass production related patents. He said: “the global technology companies are faced with limited hardware and design of innovation. In order to continue to develop, they need to adopt a similar material graphene. We are the key technology of graphene has attracted apple, samsung, even Google’s interest.”

potential applications

for samsung, graphene can be used for the company’s most important three kinds of smart phones, memory chips, and television. Samsung said in an email statement: “the graphene more durable than steel, have better thermal conductivity and flexibility, therefore is to develop flexible display screens, wearable computing devices and other perfect material for the next generation of electronic devices.”

Google since 2012 to develop Google glasses, at present the product already sold in the United States open. Apple may be launched smart watches products.

the conductivity of graphene is 100 times more powerful than the silicon materials, which can be applied to other occasions. Graphene can accelerate the speed of the semiconductor, and the researchers are also trying to apply this material to the battery. This makes smartphones one time charge can use a week, and 15 minutes per charge.

in October last year, the European commission announced a $1 billion, 10-year graphene research and development projects. Samsung advanced institute of technology, said last month with a library of the university of cooperation, have developed a way to make graphene technology can be realized in the chip business.

HongBingXi, said the future of graphene applications include space suit, and the integrated sensor, chip and display “smart” clothes. The thermal conductivity of the graphene is better also means that the clothing made of graphene for firefighters wearing.

Jiwoong Park, assistant professor at Cornell university in New York is now 10 lead researcher in the study on technology of graphene. Other applications, he says, graphene include medical devices and space technology. “For graphene can realize the function, the final effect is very good. This area is amazing opportunity.”

source: sina science and technology