Grilled steak a big-name VC/PE IPO exit the case number

cloud network hunting note: startups succeed, behind rich capital earn. Inventory big VC IPO exit case number over the years, we can see the VC to survive in the Chinese Internet.

source: world childe

as a perennial mixed in the investment world childe, we almost every day, just like many entrepreneurs fall prey to those financing case. Every moment in playing tricks on the tens of millions of dollars of financing our nerves, who often spend big on VC/PE are also was once a world of childe idol.

however, immersed in the investing community over the years, world childe found the legendary tall on the day it’s not so easy. Behind when they are big, there are pairs of sharp eyes looking at them, which is called LP’s investment is not white people give money. Can become out of their investment returns is their results.

this is not, IPO moratorium on VC/PE last year are all not so good, but the boss “bloom” the United States this year, A shares also for lenient, VC/PE day was A little better. In good years, eight out of those big childe specially VC/PE IPO exit the case number, take a look at what life well-off, which haven’t “poverty”.

data sources: private access (as of June 30, 2014)

deep venture: local tyrants 12 years IPO exit 64 largest gem achievement

gem le networks – deep vc investment on behalf of the project

as the “father” class institutions in renminbi funds, deep vc IPO exit is the highest number of pack. From established in 2002 by the end of May 2014, a total of 64 deep vc investment project implementation IPO exit, even some dollar funds are nearly as well.

known as China’s capital market knows, deep the success of the venture capital is the success of the investment decisions on one hand, on the other hand is a good month. Share reform in 2005 full circulation, the gem to open in 2009, venture capital is the biggest beneficiaries. Turn over deep venture investment project, mostly from the gem and the small and medium-sized plate. The gem of the demon strands of networks, network technology is deep the representative of the venture capital project.

in addition, the financial center in shenzhen, deep venture natural benefit a lot. In 64 out of project, only shenzhen local enterprises to reach 20. Has the potential to listed companies in shenzhen, so to speak, will appear behind deep venture capital.

IDG: TMT leading Internet golden generation “bole” achievement

baidu, IDG Internet investment on behalf of the project

about China’s Internet investment, cannot not IDG. Compared with old rivals sequoia China, IDG China a notch on the IPO exit number 33. In addition to the reason of IDG into China as early as 1992, for China the first Internet mining is one of the reasons for its standing.

almost every Internet age change short of little not IDG figure, from the earliest to ctrip, hc360, sohu, baidu to dangdang, qihoo 360. IDG almost always appears in the identity of the Internet “bole”. In IDG’s exit project, you can see the TMT industry occupies the most, followed by consumer, medical, education, etc. For the U.S. market, will tell a story is to determine whether they recognized one of the decisive factors of a company, and IDG is a master “story” “bole” in China.

from the earliest to ZhangSuYang chief Hugo shong, porch, dong-liang Lin, considerate… IDG each generation of investors have become famous masterpiece. Today, IDG has started telling his sights on the 90, although the exit case has decreased in recent years, but the layout after 90 can be seen as a dish of its “chess”. Who can guarantee that will not appear the second batch of 90 after Mr. Li?

redwood: out of season concentrated outbreak Shen bought “track”

gather beauty is superior and low electricity investment on behalf of the project

redwoods in the first days into China’s performance is not very “amazing”, but shen quietly in 2005 after she finished early layout of China’s Internet and even mobile Internet. It also determines the sequoia China IPO exit “blowout” broke out in the future.

RMB funds have gem “off season” in 2009, the dollar fund also has after the financial crisis in 2008 is the “height”. From 2009 to 2011 years, sequoia China through the IPO project market exit to the 14, which account for 50% of sequoia China IPO exit quantity. There is no lack of among them qihoo 360, Noah wealth etc. On behalf of the project.

China sequoia investment strategy “shen characteristic” extremely. From the layout of the electricity industry is not hard to see, shen is a good buy industry “track”, clear ideas for the whole industry trends. While sequoia investment also is famous for its fast accurate. Regardless of a city to gain and loss, certain industries and projects laid hands on him will not hesitate to immediately. In the era of mobile Internet, shen to buy “track” let’s wait and see.

fortune venture capital: a local counterpart The gem to fame

fortune venture capital founding partner liu day

compared with those in the “big brother” venture capital venture set up how much time is not late, but really make fortune venture capital investment community to remember names or due to the opening of the gem. In 2009, in the first 28 chinext companies each morning and deep vc investment four, it is also because fame.

even now, fortune venture capital exit IPO is given priority to with the gem and the small and medium-sized plate. Love’s eye, blue cursor, with state electronic and science and technology, its dimensional information network, etc are representative projects. Due to the influence of the domestic a-share market IPO suspended before, the number of exit in the once has decreased. But with the IPO restart, would still be in the investment of the project is the main exit.

in the although experienced personnel “shuffle”. But the main body “iron triangle” is still firm. Day, XiaoBing, hong-xia shao liu is still in the “iron triangle” of the investment strategy. Today in the in the gem and the small and medium-sized plate have formed a certain degree of brand, and the renminbi funds parallel dollar funds have also been raised to finish. As XiaoBing before and after the layout of the morning is good at field of entertainment culture media, local Internet companies will be in the next investment focus.

jun lian capital: scattershot Peak renren into representative case

TMT renren – jun lian capital investment on behalf of the project

based on lenovo is the prince of the partial solid capital style, basic out every year the IPO project. Compared with other investment institutions, jun more diversified investment direction, can be from its IPO project has withdrawn from a clues.

xunfei at hkust, gold software, renren, peak…… Jun league exit project both hot field of TMT, also the traditional clothing, and other fields. From the investment projects is not hard to find, pay attention to consumer groups, brand value is the core of investment strategy. Service industry is jun lian investment focus in recent years.

in the era of the yuan and the dollar fund mutual crossover, lenovo group, some strategic thinking also extends to the gentleman. Such as mergers and acquisitions and management after head, jun lian ideas have many similar to lenovo. As jun lian, managing director of capital Liu Zehui said: by the companies to participate in industry consolidation as a breakthrough point, around a few key areas and some key companies work together, the depth of mining industry consolidation opportunity to become a gentleman capital investment team a train of thought.

co-win: one of the highest success rate of local PE In the return on investment of more than 50%

co-win chairman Zheng Weihe

as the first domestic partnership of PE, co-win was born in 2000 and cast number or number of ipos is considerable. More than a decade of experience IPO lawyers, let Zheng Weihe led co-win when picking pitch pre-ipo project is more precise and sharp.

we from qing branch private Numbers are obtained, 14-year-old co-win investment more than 130 enterprises, there are 24 of them have successfully listed, including the joy of da an gene, shaft, networks, developed science and technology, the world union real estate and so on. Great health, great information, large consumption, large clean the “big four” is the core of co-win investments.

is also benefiting from the gem, becoming one of the cast enterprises IPO co-win outbreak in 2010 years, the successful listing eight, including today’s is one of the oldest gem market networks. 2011 years ago, co-win mainly pre-ipo investment project, after 2012, its investment began to tilt, early exit channels also started to aim for mergers and acquisitions, but in the early stage of the accumulation, the investment performance is still in the fermentation, in addition to the false IPO in 2013, 2011 and 2011, remains a year at least four to five IPO exit quantity.

CDH investments: myth maker Chau international can up to 10 years at all next legend

wan chau international, CDH longest project

CDH born with a gold spoon, based Yu Zhongjin (CICC) direct investment at its inception is $yuan funds and funds investment at the same time. CDH has long tsundere PE industry in a boutique investment strategy, the investment on the list is full of familiar brands, mengniu dairy, li ning sports goods, shuanghui food, belle shoes, focus media, sun small home appliance…

CDH current total of about $10 billion in assets management, equity funds accounted for about 70% of venture capital fund of about 10%, according to a clear division of private data statistics, a total investment more than hundred enterprises, has nearly 20 listed companies.

Wu Shangzhi and his team made China the first brand equity, CDH investments, temperament middleman wang led the CDH venture capital also do well, this after wang left CDH, influence is still on. Return on investment is 40 times of qihoo 360 CDH venture the first sheet. Wan chau international is currently sprint to the Hong Kong market is the longest time of CDH investments project, if can successful IPO, CDH would hit the next investment myths.

as we keeping: A, team come not plug scattered “PE factory” first monarch road solution

keeping investment President Huang Xiaojie

this is a amazing company. Number of GP, wide scope of investment, called “PE factory”, keeping one’s promise to help enterprises listed on the new three board also became the first landing of PE, and create the high prices. Keeping investment website display, total investment more than 100 enterprises, listed companies and in more than 60 enterprises listed in the trial, A total of 16 complete a-share ipos, and another five new three board by keeping one landing.

Wu Gangceng, founder of the dominant is the most young director of the securities and futures commission, in 2010, wu gang, Huang Xiaojie, Wu Jiang, QinZhengYu, Cai Lei, zhong-yi zhao six as a founder of Queensland, invested 10 million yuan to set up my keeping, 4 years, kunming my keeping an industry norm, pioneered the investment style and the unique way out of line.

GGV capital: successful listing number 15 for ali god

where to go, GGV capital investment on behalf of the project

GGV Capital is also a very forward-looking investment bosses, GGV Capital (GGV Capital) is the among the first venture Capital fund to invest in China’s silicon valley, GGV China fund has invested in potatoes, where to go, said UCweb, beautiful, YY and alibaba will bid for the world’s largest IPO financing.

unlike most investment institutions fight alone, GGV capital advocate teamwork, being called as “the basketball investments”, more than 60% of all investment layout in B and C chakras. GGV capital manager operator performance schoenberg their early because investment in baidu to fame, is now left with female star investor Jenny lee, right has just joined the original qiming competent partner at tung, the young investor because investment in millet Forbes global top 2013 list of best vc people, GGV capital of let a person full of expectation in the future.

zhongke merchants: low profile and strong successful listing 24 300 ready

zhongke merchants chairman shan double

this is obviously not an ordinary PE organization. Renminbi funds have 14 years old, although unlike sequoia IDG such scene, but know people know that this is a huge and low-key imperial capital, more than 600 people in the group is the largest PE organization, the current industries across all phases of the equity investment fields cover various industries, investment quota ranging from millions of tens of millions to billions of what is more “strange” is the investment from a second-tier cities already even tentacles extend to the township level.