Hammer of millet said: sorry, I’m going to hit with you crash

hunting cloud network on July 29

these two days for the hammer mobile phone, can be said to be matched. First batch production machine of the quality problem, design a qc problem caused by partial, the capacity is insufficient, Mr. Luo is busy everywhere want to apologize…

, impartial all this happened in 4 before and after the conference, the hammer with rotary occupied this two weeks before and after the millet technology news headlines, carefully count down “hammer on the headline” still have a long time more than millet.

and even on the morning of the millet conference, the originally belongs to a variety of “millet phone on rumours” of time, has also been a hammer ruthless to brush the headlines, until finish millet conference, millet managed to steal back to my headline. Had a narrow squeak!

in addition, in this time period, there is no third mobile phone brands can have such willing to appeal — let media reported that let users wanted attention! From this point, the hammer has won great success.

hammer mobile phone design is too radical, output problem is normal, this is to be expected in advance

a confession letter from July 5 old, hammer mobile phone quality and capacity problems will open the floodgates, frequent Revelations. According to the old Nemesis fang carefully summarize to see: a back cover for not neat (later clarified users won’t operation), front-facing camera off center (mobile phone production problems), screen light-leaking (solve the difficulty is not great), back cover no camera protection glass, button failures (it is not difficult to solve), glass backboard prone to crack (not very good solution).

one of the most serious problem is the front and rear glass panel crack problem, all subsequent hammer user requirements change problem machine replacement for new products, but still have fine crack panel. It is no good to the problem in technology solve!

no border protection before and after the panel.

hammer mobile phone front and rear panel without any metal or plastic frame buffer protection, on the one hand, this is the biggest of the hammer mobile phone design features; But on the other hand it also makes the front and back panel is extremely fragile, easy to fracture. This is caused by the hammer broken screen saver risks.

it is worth noting that even with the wind, millet 4 price: RMB 99/year, 298 yuan/year (don’t wrong thought 99 yuan for two years).

the original mobile phone glass panel needs to be a layer of plastic or rubber buffer layer to reduce the risk of broken screen, and the hammer is completely exposed out their edge, so as long as the mobile edge into the edges (it hit falls to the sand wedge Angle) produces stress concentration makes the screen fracture.

in regard to prevent screen broken hammer currently, with the edge of the corning plating technology, in order to improve the edge of the impact resistant ability; Center of gravity has also carried on the processing, making mobile edge horn is not easy to touch the ground falls; Edge of the glass panel also targeted optimization design was carried out, in order to disperse the stress concentration.

but if you want to do the design, on the assembly line mass production in industry is very difficult, without any previous similar cases to discuss a factory to produce a new difficult process, including foxconn. Not like m metal frame with the iPhone 4 have been used for many years, and a set of process basically will be abandoned.

3 d grinding process is not complicated, perforations, not hard edge reinforcement is very simple, even no more big glass fiber in the box. But put them all together into a piece of glass is a little fault.

all of the above process, in addition to glass fiber (glass fiber) in the box, and the rest are all technique very mature technology has been for many years. Glass fiber is used as the box, though seldom used, surface treatment and do not do, but for foxconn, it is also a small case!

the problem is to put them all together! Perforations, edge reinforcement in the receiver, inside the home button is very common, even after so many generations of technology, but hollow out, edge of stress concentration after reinforcement can improve the strength of the is very limited, even with 3 d grinding (hollow out after grinding harder) to eliminate stress, using foxconn technology strength is difficult to achieve.

and foxconn does best is the open mold machining high precision metal parts, and foxconn is still in full strength for apple focus for mass production. A hammer is a hammer, you? Let foxconn hard with all my heart to you?

hammer mobile phones the current structural design with up and down all over is foxconn “difficult”, the right place, right time, and do not take a! only apple this vendor can only rely on their advantage in the industry chain, this will be a new “awkward” design, are not at odds.

the millet to, in order to use foxconn to improve their product image, to the international, consider everywhere foxconn’s best, the highest rate of return of metal processing. From 3 began to cobble together a metal fuselage, to 4 rice consumption of metal frame apple change the mature technology of the abandoned after… (look down version is a real king goujian… )

the hammer mobile phone production has been good, Mr. Luo yourself, others won’t care

for hammer mobile phone production, for the problems are old himself came out on July 5, as long as the old themselves don’t say this problem, the others don’t believe or don’t pay too much attention.

even if have “insiders” and “deep throat revelation, to hammer this new brand, so the design of the partial blame, plus it is not too high bookings, the output of every SanWuBaiTai isn’t very normal things? But so hammer mobile phone production problem, will not be consumed.

and mass production problem in millet, iuni, one plus the mature design process of mobile phone is also very common, is a very general question. Even before Mr. Luo blow cowhide again big (old blow cowhide can be more than this one), I’m afraid that in addition to his own mind, others just take a look at and smile, “everybody understand”.

so far, the hammer sale also is not enough for a month, according to the hammer official, starting on July 8 hammer mobile phone should be after the hammer P4 engineering machine of the first trial production machine. just “try” production machine, from trial production to mass production to climbing capacity, a month and a half time is normal! And a hammer mobile phones sell for less than a month.

so, hammer mobile phones the “production crisis” is just a old in a smart way to let everyone no matter which kind of mentality, holding “all look at me to do things quickly!” then hammer mobile phone “crisis” mass production details, around 4 m conference news vacuum concentration appear, every time is very right!

scold the miserable now, the more people feel the hammer mobile technology is not generally, the more people feel the hammer mobile is high-grade goods! People more willing to pay a premium for the next step!

production is not terrible, the user can’t hear your voice is terrible!

“before mobile phone ring is the only one who enjoyed by kong yiji treatment lei jun, happy.” This is Mr. Luo as published in the July 23 a tweet. Honest.

this just a process of “kong yiji”, entirely by the step by step to big!

ray booth to own “the Internet model” is defined as: fan effect, and word-of-mouth. Fan effect, old no like thunder booth with ultra-low “shuang burst” price, all kinds of heavenly imagination of “beautiful living” commitment, step by step to accumulate fans, people have started!

and word-of-mouth, word of mouth an outsider in her fans circle will believe? Can spread out? Obviously not, if word-of-mouth can prop up millet growth, the manufacture craft better meizu not too early to millet to several kilometers away!

word-of-mouth is a concept looks very beautiful, but in fact is false! High cost performance is also a concept looks very beautiful, but is actually born with disabilities.

true will millet on altars: spread word-of-mouth! Spread than word of mouth, not afraid of deep alley bouquet is always to the people who know their wine to drink! millet has just been media attention soon, meters, small coke, moral integrity, and so on brand has already appeared, and also has good cost performance, but now live?

doesn’t even have the meizu the domestic smartphone granddaddy by word of mouth and take off, you will be wash your sleep!

here is the follow-up can be hard, can marketing (refuses to see samsung), but propaganda, missed the catch!