Hand boom, perfect how to layout the next generation Internet entertainment

(word/qing nan)

mobile game boom just started, whether it is the traditional end swim manufacturers even start-up team is fixed to the business opportunities, a perfect world, of course, is also one of them. However, the company has begun layout in the next few years. At the scene of the Chinajoy this year, perfect world CEO Xiao Hong game industry for the future direction of development, and perfect world in the face of efforts and adjustment on the whole game, has carried on the detailed explanation.

as early as last year when he had put forward the concept of “next generation Internet entertainment”. Now with the new smart hardware, home entertainment began to spread, he is convinced that the game changed in the future, stereoscopic fusion, multi-dimensional present, technology innovation, the global creative will be the future trend of the development of the Internet entertainment.

as a result, in the past year, perfect began to prepare for, and in the field of mobile entertainment and sitting room key extension, the mobile version of “giant”, “fantasy” ghosts and other products have achieved good results; In the field of video games, perfect 255 million yuan to buy video games bus, moreover also reached a strategic cooperation with jyc technology, huawei, etc. The latest action is, the perfect world still officially announced today the neverwinter nights in Microsoft’s products X – BOX platform.

Xiao Hong pointed out that based on the understanding of the characteristics of the next generation Internet entertainment technology, perfect prospective carried out investment, mergers and acquisitions, independent research and development, global cooperation. First of all, a perfect world by buying foreign top studios to further strengthen the global research and development capabilities. Such as the company’s north American Cryptic Studios, Runic Games studio of aaa PC and CONSOLE Games such as research, deep second, perfect world also constantly develop its own core technology and engine, such as Element 3 d, GUI/Angelica sinensis -dan GUI II, Cube engine. Third, launched in 2013, the first Chinese game field PWIN global investment strategy, has invested in 25 companies, 18 product agent.

in Xiao Hong point of view, the future of the game will be integrated into every aspect of our lives, and will change our way of life. Wearable devices, amusement fitness facilities, transportation facilities, medical rehabilitation facilities, education products and facilities, mass consumption, man-machine interactive experience space will become the emerging of entertainment such as the carrier, and part has begun. Such as Google glasses (Glass) could be implanted virtual reality game, let the people in the real world experience the fun of game, and children’s early education machine could blend in simple leisure education games such as phonetic writing.

in view of the future development of the game, perfect world has been set up in guangdong institute of next generation Internet technology, focus on developing next generation Internet entertainment technology, provide technical support for the development of the industry.

in addition to the product layout, perfect world also layout in areas including talent, global partners in the future, positive preparation. At present, perfect world has been set up in guangdong education group, in the process of forming the international digital art academy, and cooperation with the international top colleges and universities. Has been with, including Moscow state university, many internationally renowned universities strategic cooperation agreement, needed to train and bring up the game industry technical personnel and management personnel.

in the world, the perfect world and in-depth cooperation partners, and Hi – Media, huaxi agencies to cooperate. Cooperation with huawei, was widely seen as China’s largest hardware and software export enterprises, the combination in terms of global sources. And the cooperation with Microsoft XBOX One platform, will also show that perfect world are “global research and development, global operations, global partner” strategic development gradually extended and deepened.