Hard evidence, apple acknowledged that can extract the iPhone deep users’ personal data

on July 26, according to foreign media reports, apple has admitted for the first time, through the use of previously unpublished technology, apple employees can be extracted from iPhones deep users’ personal data, including the text information, contact list, and photos, etc.

forced apple acknowledged the back door “reserved” security expert Jonathan Mr Del ‘(Jonathan Zdziarski), according to the technology can also avoid the backup encryption, help law enforcement agencies or other into “trusted” on-line computer equipment. Apple calls it help engineers “diagnostic services”, Mr. Del, in “hacker Conference” (Hackers on Planet Earth) Conference on demonstrated by trusted computer users to a large amount of data extracted from the unlock iPhones process, as evidence of apple in collaboration with the national security agency.

del said, in this kind of service, mobile phone users will not be notified, and can’t stop. For iPhones cell phone users, they can’t know the computer already in the process of backup process or prevent future connection is set to a trusted status.

apple denied any “back door” for creation of intelligence agencies. The company said in a statement: “we design the iOS system, its diagnosis function not violation of user privacy and security. But this kind of service to apple IT design, software design and failure of the processing technology department provide the required information. Users have to unlock the phone, and I agree to trust another computer, the computer can access its limited diagnostic data.”

apple also posted on its website the preliminary introduction of the service, Mr. Del and other security experts said they hope the company can make some changes to its future. Mr Dell said, he did not think the purpose of the apple to provide this service is used to spy. But apple extract user information obviously far more than they need.

Securosis security research company CEO and analysts richie mogul (Rich Mogull), says Mr Del statement exaggerated, but technically very accurate. He said: “the company’s collection of information is far more than they need, and the only way to achieve this is in the mobile security.”

mogul with del all thought, “diagnosis” service, law enforcement agencies will take advantage of them. For example, may be confiscated from target by apple desktop computer to extract information. Mogul said: “government agencies use the legal tools, each have even with these tools to do more.”

when asked whether they had used these services help law enforcement agencies, apple did not immediately answer. In this kind of service and other unknown before the occasional BUG causing concern, apple iPhones has always been considered better than Google (weibo) Android phone is safer, because Google is not directly to the user devices send software’s ability to repair. (sail)

source: tencent technology