Have good, sina weibo shares rose 19% on the first day

in just the first day of trading after the end of the weibo shares from its ipo price of $20.24, up from $17. As of yesterday, sina weibo shares rose 19.06%.

sina weibo login last night nasdaq, the stock price the most total as $17, issued a total of 16.8 million shares (ADS). Sina weibo shares opened lower high throughout the day, the lowest dipped below $16.26, the highest was $24.48. Calculated at the closing price of $20.24, sina weibo has a market value of $4.1 billion.

, by contrast, Twitter first-day shares rose 70%, the current market value of more than $25 billion. Interestingly, sina weibo has already begun to profit ($3 million), the latest results showed Twitter losses of $500 million.

sina weibo and Twitter exists bigger difference, mostly due to the following two points:

first, analysts had is generally accepted that weibo user scale growth. However, weibo, according to official data released in the year to march, weibo monthly active users to 143.8 million, 107.3 million over the same period last year. It is understood that Twitter $241 million monthly active users.

second, weibo stated in the prospectus “policy risk” — a review and blow all the content of harmful national dignity, let foreign investors are frightened.