High potential intelligent router A little couldn’t keep up with domestic manufacturers technology

hunting cloud network on April 22


you are not satisfied with the experience of product how many, this world there is much chance of subversion.

the router was affectionately known as “cat”, from the moment they even get to the Internet at home, so many years as if he had been haven’t changed much! But around the router problem is really a lot.

as a janitor on traffic arteries, can only do this work, really guilty in their own geographical advantage! At least put a street “of” also can make some money.

(for the “router” before mistakenly called “cat” problem, old zhai apologize for its own lax for readers. Because before your router has been by the cat, and the confused with the concept of wireless cat, electric power, so the mistakes. However, it also proves that people have very little contact with routing gateway.)

digital product storage, traffic contradiction

the main contradictions concentrated in network environment, the PC era hardware and software of ecological performance, of course, is also a big problem, but they have only themselves to blame don’t want to spend more money. These are the objective environment factors, not one pace reachs the designated position.

by smartphone mobile era, this environment contradiction becomes more obviously. Bandwidth issues remain, adds another flow, power, storage, adaptation and so on.

these problems seriously affect the user experience, but only rely on the smartphone itself is not a good solution. So the peripherals such as mobile power solutions, but the flow of content about user experience, storage problem, also have no good solution.

even if traffic is all sorts of wi-fi hotspots part of the solution, but the headaches, but no way, even the largest 128 gb of memory, you still have to be careful with.

currently accepted depend on cloud storage to solve, but in the existing network, cloud storage technology, the development of traffic speed, there is still a long time. During this time how to solve? Is there a good solution?

but basically every family has a relative to their larger storage hardware, that is PC hard disk. But out of love, quiet, and so on all sorts of inconvenience problem, do not want to open, and open, the hard disk is difficult to share very well.

overall, flow rate and storage is the need to solve two major problems in digital devices. And can already part of the router, to solve the problem of traffic is to solve the problem of the most integrated, cost-effective hardware.

this is the foundation of the market application of intelligent router.

drawing technology upgrading, Chinese manufacturers tuen patent opportunity to

phone network system and the way the use, under the impetus of the smartphone, faster and faster, also more and more convenient operation.

and router seems to have been sitting in the corner, so many years, almost no change. For the rapid evolution of science and technology industry, suddenly look back, feeling the router for so many years was white. Of course it is associated with the features of the router itself as a gateway.

but after upgraded to a “smart”, clearly everything is different. Users to share all kinds of new network, storage requirements, technical requirements of intelligent router is greatly increased.

can be said to be the need for a new operating system and new ecological technical reserves, for the latecomers, such as domestic firms, patent, technology accumulation is a very good time.

the first problem is the Shared storage technology, millet router hang the function interface early up, but so far all seem to also can’t really support.

the second problem is not decline to shoulder a responsibility Shared security, the third problem area network, or say, between the router and the interaction between cloud storage technology and so on.

overall, this is a new operating system, the platform level of new technologies. He instead of PC, smart phones, this kind of microcomputer, function USES a completely different character.

the current intelligent router does not have any movement, is one of the main reason why domestic technology with several companies.

now even the technical threshold of the first step: storage sharing agreement, hard work for so long time haven’t results. Behind the function, the back platform construction, disturbing. millet, will work with technology and now, also let a person heart, domestic manufacturers can catch this opportunity.

can reduce the enterprise cost, produce in favor of the business model of the user

the Internet enterprises, or enterprises who have their own web site, the cost of data storage is the biggest. As with functions of low performance server smart routers, Shared storage became very imaginative.

as the only one working 24 hours a day big digital products, is the rare rare. Intelligent router’s performance will be scattered ordinary users to dig more outstanding service experience of good chip, after prick silk don’t have to listen to other people, “what are the qualifications of the user experience didn’t spend money?”

smart routers can gradually change highest cloud services market, and cloud services is the need to years of technology accumulation to gradually improve, others is difficult to use conventional pursued to overturn. And the lowest, also will greatly change the existing Internet market pattern.

in the future, people come into direct contact with the front end of the more and more light, so as to better carry, play; And then end is more open, integrated, such operations will be more convenient.

products to need to be subdivided, restructuring, and the time, the existing products did not achieve the best user experience, the best price!

and domestic manufacturers after a long era of shanzhai, finally can accumulate points on intelligent router decent patent.