Highlight the real and part-time campus cats do blue ocean market

a part-time job the most afraid of what, the most afraid of pay no return, the most afraid of black intermediary. So first science, and the fair, 58 part-time information everyone to polish eyes.

(where, where is the opportunity. Part-time cat, walked out of the campus team, won the innovation valley 1 million angels.

founder Wang Ruixu goal to part-time cat to make college students part-time first entry.

this is located in the guangzhou team is very interesting. Didn’t do part-time cat before, founder Wang Ruixu done another startup project “modern campus media” positioning for the campus promotion. For the enterprise in colleges and universities to promote their products and services. Well, in the development of team from 5 people to 70 people, nearly 400000 annual results. At the same time have the first bucket of gold, I think, the most important thing is to learn by experience.

development part-time cat, because attention to college students to find part-time difficult, be intermediary pit, opaque, fraud, but the market exists, and has a huge demand. Part-time cat team decided to research and development platform, so online.

based on the biggest pain points, part-time information untrue, this must be off. Information on the application of part-time cat are passed audit strictly, and mixed and disorderly false information on the Internet than, more transparent and real.

mainly are college students part-time cat intended users group, safe and reliable part-time information is the foundation. The current application support guangzhou, shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities of part-time information. Companies looking for part-time information release can also contact part-time cat, but it is only through audit, evaluation, approval will only be released after on.

now part-time cat also in part-time job database, through the building, data analysis, customer complaints, such as interactive form recognition black intermediary, screen out unreliable part-time jobs to ensure that the “legitimacy”. Specific: data filtering Mainly to do data mining, for publishing false information is a specific group, team through analyzing their behavior and the analysis of the specific information (such as release device, address, contact information, etc.), confirmed may be false information, to be ruled out.

speaking, to the industry or public praise and trust. To expand the open across the country, is also very difficult. So the speed of the team to develop the national, step by step, is also to a wide spectrum of information are likely to make bad word of mouth spread quickly. Intentional team also have tips on application, information verification on the need to find the right business, so students need to wait other cities.

is currently in progress on urban expansion, the cat doing part-time area, according to Wang Ruixu that: in order to speed up the expansion of the part-time cat, but also strict audit on partner selection, real part-time information is the core of the determined not to be shaken.

in application, a part-time job in the cat also encourages users to fill in your personal resume, rich information to apply for a job, leave contact information at the same time, but this will not be open, only after apply for check and get the consent to view.

a long time, college students part-time job market has been no standard websites, standardized part-time site and is not complete. So lead to users will believe campus original stickers advertising (mostly intermediary). Or transfer to the Internet, identify ability difference was online mediation pit. So the part-time job market has been tepid. Part-time cat is a challenger, seize the industry spot, deep down, the campus part-time market is a piece of blue ocean.

last attach their dreams: hope in the future for each students with a part-time cat to buy an insurance.

Part-time cat

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