Hootsuite CEO: how to become a master of digital marketing

the author: Ryan? Holmes (Ryan Holmes), social media management tool Hootsuite chief executive. (this article was originally published in LinkedIn)

at the beginning of the year, during the 2014 “super bowl” series of well-known chain store company JCPenney official Twitter account appear a series of tweets are puzzling. These tweets intermittent, appear very messy. But this does not prevent they spread quickly on the Internet, and countless people forward, many people may be speculated that JCPenney account hacking attacks, release the drunken employee behavior is out of control.

until about an hour later, JCPenney just to clarify, declare that the tweets are by their own, they are testing a series of quality gloves. Kia motors, snack brand, meanwhile, Doritos and silver bullets beer (Coors Light), etc., are all the clever way to join the show, give the JCPenney response.

although a move criticized by many people, but all the team to participate in the public relations war almost all became a big winner, especially considering that in sporting events like the super bowl advertising high costs and fierce competition. In such activities, a 30-second commercial advertising costs could be as high as $4 million.

after found that Twitter alternative to advertising the advantages of these channels, such as JCPenney brand will attract millions of people would have cost very little money. In fact, it also makes JCPenney super bowl contest was mentioned on social media during the second-largest number of brands, was mentioned 120334 times.

of course, Twitter to be as high as television commercial value of the platform, is still a long way to go. But in this year’s World Cup and the super bowl during the sports competition, there have been many big brands began to take advantage of the real-time marketing way, make it become one of the era.

now, more and more brand began to adjust the traditional marketing and advertising strategy. Because as people in the digital and mobile devices, on Facebook, Twitter, and sets on social media sites such as the amount of time is increasing, companies must follow the trend or sit back to make a choice between losing competitive advantage.

in our increasingly moving towards a new era of “social marketing”, the enterprise needs to pay special attention to the following:

1. The investment of social channels. If you don’t have to do this, so make sure that your company has Facebook, Twitter, sets, Google +, LinkedIn, and YouTube account, and investment on the BBS established unique audience. If the resources you have any question, don’t have to worry about, because you don’t need to be done it all at once. Just choose one of the most suitable for your own brand channels, began to build on its audience. Attract “fans” is the key to share with them is important and valuable information, at the same time, the information should be is closely related to them.

2. Take advantage of social channels. Once you spend time set up the core of the social channels, you need to start to use these channels to promote brand awareness, to launch a specific company news and announcements. In my company, for example, in the past few years, we in social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter to attract millions of loyal “fans”, active and gain excess returns a surprise from them.

, for example, my team recently is TV series “the Game of Thrones” creative video. In the third quarter before the opening of the day, we will be posted on YouTube, then posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, sets and other social channels. At the weekend, this paragraph of video was almost the most popular piece of video, more than 500000 viewers.

this paragraph of video is very popular, even get Ad Week recommended, they call it the “art”. But the magazine also play the entire section video. We believe that if we don’t have so much on the social media of “fans”, without their help, we absolutely can’t such a big success.

3. Will every comments on social media as a golden opportunity. And social media channels of “fans” positive interaction of another advantage is that you can get people for their product brands and the stability of the real-time feedback. You benefits from these comments are incalculable. In fact, Hootsuite many of the best selling products and services are those in social media on the BBS to “fans” and the direct result of customer opinion.

at the same time, as we saw on the super bowl kia, Doritos and Coors Light performance, to participate in the “social marketing” is also a kind of quick and efficient way of public relations. You never know, when your public response to share will be unlimited.

4. Drive the company to participate in the “social marketing”. Obviously, as a social media company CEO, everyone should be encouraged to accept technical training. May be because Hootsuite is designed to study social media, I had the opportunity to experience had huge benefits from the “social marketing”. In the past five years, we always make sure that all new employees know how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At the same time, we always emphasize the “eat their own dog food (that is, internally more use of their products)” rule is essential to ensure success. We even start formal online training plan to support these ideas, and make sure everyone can get a “diploma”.

with the passage of time, we have realized that more and more business giants began to frontier using digital knowledge employees in the company, including sales, community, the customer support department, etc. In fact, our sales staff have begun through social media communication with large customers, and get high marks in the field of customer support. All in all, we are using throughout the entire society find tangible business social media.

of course, not only we found the advantage of the “social marketing”. In 2012, McKinsey, a consultancy, said in a report, social science and technology is preparing to unveil a potential commercial value as high as $900 billion to $1.3 trillion in large areas. And two-thirds of the value of this field will be sent to you by can improve communication and collaboration between enterprise internal, enterprise social media implementation. (sail)