House property O2O platform more complete $80 million B round of funding

real estate service platform done room recently announced a lot B round, raised us $80 million, jia royal AnZhen China venture capital funds, the speed of light and the CDH venture jointly complete the investment. Said a lot, this round of financing work has been completed on June 28, financing has all enter an item in an account.

the data shows, house, founded in 2011, a lot is one of the web services platform based on real estate O2O mode. Last year won A CDH venture A round of funding. At present, the room of products in addition to the online website and App, and real estate, brokerage firm oriented so accurately targeted advertising tools “room”. Have online products for C the App “room is great,” agent oriented “room of agent, and cut in advertising for real estate, brokerage accurately targeted tools” room “.

on the business model, room of butt joint real estate developers, brokerage firms and consumers respectively. Through negotiations with the developers, to obtain a discount bulk property, and then cooperate with offline real estate brokerage company would sell houses quickly. Is mainly used in the home buyers and sellers reverse custom pattern, namely whether the buyer or the seller can be submitted online to buy a house location, price and other specific requirements, housing, many websites will match the corresponding agent to do targeted services.

room of CEO Duan Yi said the company will continue to improve the online experience and high quality products based on the mobile end offline service experience, using its own technology advantages, based on a large number of real transaction data to improve the efficiency of trading platform, continue to provide the real houses for buyers, sellers provide highly effective, the real deal.

according to the official released data show that the current housing many covers more than 30 cities, had reached a strategic cooperation with the national more than 5000 brokers, covering more than 50000 brokerage outlets across the country, signed more than 500000 professional agent, project 500.