How the Internet can transform energy real estate rental market

hunting cloud network on April 15,


the real estate industry because of the economic pillar of the problem, there is no direct contact to touch within ten years. As the Internet, there is no other way to transform the property?

the answer is, of course!

rental market space is large

an article we have analyzed, hunting on the Internet companies can’t directly into real estate. But the peripheral industry, real estate industry segments can always move?

the development of policy direction, after all, still pointing to open the free market, the core industry is not free to move, but less affected market segment, peripheral industry market can be mining, and then reverse the whole market.

for example: the rental market.

believe that rent is now working out the development of all kinds of gone with the wind, the face of the first, and biggest problem, affecting people’s lives, travel, emotional, and quality of work.

for a lot of family condition is not satisfied, their efforts to the development of gone with the wind, only 3 such first-tier cities, and even now a little near downtown lower-tier cities standard rooms to rent all reached the monthly five centuries. Not to mention first-tier cities, horrible! College students’ sleep little tunnel abound.

standard rooms, a kitchen a who a room together, the whole area is barely put under four beds, as will be equipped with a hard bed, a desk, other didn’t. For most prick silk, this should not strange, also has a profound experience.

so poor user experience, there is no room for improvement? If the situation can improve the user experience, and need to “Internet changes everything” brand is absolutely blowing.

the rental experience improved space have how old? Rent the first problem is the rent price, in other words, under the same price the user experience can increase how much?

rental experience can be received from living facilities, space and natural environment three aspects to improve.

living facilities perfect

is the desk and chair bed, kitchen utensils and appliances, air conditioners, heaters, purifier, network, cleaning and so on. These are can solve problems comprehensively, a building, a floor integrated solutions are very common in the hotel.

for long-term rental, various “amateur rental homes” also can according to their own conditions, certain advantages of solution is given. But most are based on rental households own needs and to determine the facilities, not specifically concerned with the tenant demand.

so long rent market user experience improvement and huge space, using the Internet, industry data can indeed for the tenant, on the premise of not to raise the rent, to provide a better user experience.

space receives

the rent price is proportional to housing space, of course, or other factors such as geography, chaoyang. Poor housing area, walking back and forth can god, is unbearable!

how can under the condition of the building area is not increasing, increased the activities of people? There is only one answer: space is received.

for cost reasons, basically all tenants will not have space to receive high clothes closet with better effect, so most people “airspace” of the building is idle, no use. Such space basically your half or more of the space, but it is wasted.

if you rent the house of the bed, can five seconds into a set of high clothes closet, a sofa, a desk and so on, also can make the room messy to receive goods, what do you think?

in science and technology, manufacturing has developed over the years, the earth people are over the moon more than 30 years now, the parents rent chain enterprises can be in very cheap price to buy such a product.

and perhaps return ability don’t reduce the price, run out more rent area, absorb more tenants.

natural environment to improve

a room chaoyang shady room more than hundreds or even hundreds of price, this fact is not rare. And lived in shady room the tenant should be clear, to physical and mental health, the room had better not to live.

but also good, now most people have to work overtime for a long time, basic basic days dark back home. But about the natural environment do need through a series of methods to improve.

add ventilation facilities, more than two warm light effect is basically useless, human nature environment is difficult to imitate, even can imitate, money, time, cycle and problems.

so if you want to improve the tenant the natural environment of the room, there is only one way: through a room, into the light source.

Could each room through

but actually is not impossible, to the room after the tenant’s space is bigger, more life atmosphere. Because of the lack of privacy, of course, can form a similar “bag check-in” feeling.

this is not difficult to solve, since flexible receive bed can achieve, receive the partition wall in the ranks of why not?

when sleeping five seconds partition according to their own little space, to go out when compressed into a safe cabinet, at home, is a sofa, desk, directly the collection of the drawer.

of course, the premise is must have a mature, experience good security privacy system.

efficiency, experience, price is the core

if you want to rent the market keep prices low at the same time, improve the user experience, may be the case.

rent the house in the future, may be the steel pipe lined with during the day, the terrace of the sofa, sporadic sets up several office location, the general manager room as big compartment.

in the evening, the landlord will resemble supersized TV show, in between the user into your cubicle sofa model, enjoy a high quality audio experience.

when you go to sleep… When cooking… And so on.

of course, some people will question the feasibility of this model, but at least from improving the efficiency of living, the user experience, value of output than, as long as can solve the problem of technology, production, even without too much care about security issues, will be able to implement.

bag check in at the moment are, after all, there is huge market, as long as live comfortable, cheap, many people did not have much choice.

maybe one day, people in the lead of the user experience and technology, into the ant in the life, like ants on striving to succeed when “the queen”.

want to change the real estate, both the Internet and other industries, the individual may need right now is the case, to create a flexible “receive room”. From furniture, decoration, joint lease, hotel industry, to subvert the rental market.

in creative household products, develop new market space, jobs, component of the original real estate industry, to control or affect the original manufacturing industry chain transformation.

finally with excellent experience that rent a house, affect the strength of the real estate market, then the national guide policy, open the real estate industry, guide pillar industry chain of center of gravity to the rental market, make the domestic market to achieve a soft landing.

the market isn’t need such a subversive good experience and high ratio of rental products? To take the real estate market users, achieve the purpose of to cool the property market.

formed from the side flank and avoid its sharpness, using his own house a long time to build. The Internet said, the most important thing is to have excellent product!