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A Few Things to Remember Regarding the Whizzinator

Perhaps, it is your first time to hear of Whizzinator and there are also those people who have heard of such but they don’t totally know what this is. Know that the Whizzinator is actually a commercial name of such product stimulating the appearance as well as the functions of the male organ used to urinate. This may be used for various purposes like for sexual games or the pranks and such would feel like a real manhood. Such is the reason why this comes with a kit together with the synthetic urine. Moreover, there are such heater packs and a syringe in the pack for you to be able to keep that artificial remain have a temperature similar to that of your body.

In the market, there are also the same products that are available. What you may find are pissinator and urinator. However, such options are not really that popular since they don’t look really great and they are not quite functional.

This product became famous when an NFL player was seen having this in the airport in May 2005. There had also been investigations that revealed that this kind of device was used by so many people including a few celebrities.

You should know that the latest model is actually a touch version because compared to those older versions of the product, such must be touched to operate. You must squeeze the fake manhood’s head in order to let the urine flow. There is actually that special pressure release valve that is in the product which opens when you would squeeze this. Actually, the first model was actually operated by flipping that simple switch and this actually looked not quite natural. Well, the switch has still existed but such is now located on the base and this works like that safety toggle in order to avoid accidental spills and the main trigger has been placed in the head so that there is a perfect imitation of urination. You need to squeeze just the top of such prosthetic device and allow synthetic urine to flow from that attached vinyl pouch. Keep in mind that you must turn of the switch by flipping the switch up and out.

You may also choose from so many colors in order to find something that is suitable to your skin tone. You can have white, black, tan, latino or brown color. Such kit comes with everything necessary so that you will be able to imitate the urination process naturally. The kit would contain the artificial urine, the device, the syringe and those heating packs that will help in achieving the body temperature for the urine to feel natural.

Lessons Learned from Years with Resources

Lessons Learned from Years with Resources