HTC has been part of the mobile phone production outsourcing to industrial and commercial WenTai millet

according to, always adhere to the independent production equipment, HTC has already begun to outsource part of smartphone production business. The news pointed out that Taiwan’s compal electronics and the Shanghai WenTai company will bear or already undertook the HTC Desire and so on several midrange HTC smartphone production work. It is worth noting that the two companies, nokia and millet mobile generation of industry and commerce (one).

as a mobile phone contract factories, HTC has is own production your mobile device. Along with the continuing losses in recent years, however, need a desire to cut costs, outsourcing seems to make mobile phone production business.

WenTai company had red rice is the generation of industry and commerce. Reported that Thai so far have OEM (or will) for at least three new HTC Desire series mobile phone positioning in the end. including a called “616” Desire mediatek 8-core smartphones. Interestingly, the sources said, this is the main target market is China mobile.

compal electronics is one of the generation of industrial and commercial nokia phones. According to the company this quarter has started for foundry Desire to HTC mobile phones.

prior to that, “half asleep” snow red elder sister said, will launch this year of $150 – $200 of cheap smartphones, and capture more market. Analysts believe that outsourcing some mobile phone production can help a dying HTC effectively reduce research and development and the production cost.

last year, Reuters reported that HTC shut down at least one of the four main mobile phone production line, production capacity will be reduced at least one 5, in order to cope with sales have plunged since 2012. But HTC then denied the claim.