Huawei launched their own eight cores Fully integrated various kernel is bright spot

on June 6, huawei in Beijing officially launched the latest smartphone kirin Kirin920 chip. . It USES industry-leading 8-core big LITTLE architecture that supports the td-scdma LTE/LTE FDD/td-scdma/WCDMA/GSM with five kinds of formats, in the world take the lead to achieve the LTE Cat6 mobile phone business, support the peak 300 m download speed, performance, technology, power consumption, communication ability and so on various aspects have reached the industry leading level.

as a leading global ICT companies, huawei from 2006 to start the development of the intelligent mobile phone chips, was launched in 2012, the K3V2 was the first real machine demonstration, the smallest of quad-core processors, become the first domestic high-end smartphone chip of tens of millions of magnitude scale.

after the launch of the kirin processors are fully adopted SoC (System on Chip, Chip System) architecture, the central processing unit (CPU) on a single chip integration, communication module, audio and video decoding and peripheral circuit, such as a complete system . At the same time, kirin adopts the industry-leading level of 28 nm HPM high-performance mobile technology process, meet the dual characteristics of high performance and low power consumption.


Creative breakthroughs

this release of kirin Kirin920 chip adopt 8-core big. LITTLE GTS (Global Task Scheduling) architecture, perfectly four ARM architecture (A15 processor and architecture (A7 processors together, can make the same application seamlessly switch between them, solve the balance between high performance and low power consumption, in improved performance and prolong the battery life.

at the same time, in order to meet the increasingly rise of intelligent apparel user requirements, such as in Kirin920 also integrates a intellisense processor I3 , can run at a very low power consumption, continuous acquisition from the accelerometer and gyroscope, a compass, and close to the light sensor, such as the movement of the data, make some intelligent application can run under the standby.

in communication ability, Kirin920 integration with huawei’s LTE Advanced communication module, the first to support LTE Cat6 standard, and lead the industry to launch a year 40 MHZ spectrum bandwidth monolithic support technology, i.e. support 20 + 20 MHZ double carrier aggregation, FDD scenarios peak data transfer rate of up to 300 MBPS. The SoC chip at the same time support the td-scdma LTE/LTE FDD/td-scdma/WCDMA/GSM 5 kinds of formats, and all the world mainstream frequencies, which can realize the seamless roaming in more than 100 countries.

in audio and video, games, performance, image processing, etc., whole Kirin920 performance excellence. the world’s first professional audio built-in processor Tensilica HIFI3 , support high-definition audio codec; Support for h. 265, 4 k contour clear high-definition video decoding; GPU is used in the industry leading ARM Mali T628MP4, mainstream big games on the market can run smoothly.

a high-end processor core is designed to solve the contradiction between performance and power consumption, huawei chip engineers said at the news conference, Kirin920 processor in addition to using the advanced big. LITTLE GTS architecture, 28 HPM advanced technology, especially the for CPU, GPU, DDR, ISP, Display and so on more than 10 modules do the detailed design and simulation of power consumption, all achieved without the stop (auto – stop) power-saving technology , the core is to achieve the current level of the industry’s smallest A15.

into the

today, the world entered the ICT whole join era, mobile Internet is profoundly affects all aspects of people’s life and work. Haisi CTO YiWei said: “huawei believes that the chip is a pearl in the crown of the ICT industry, we chose from the start, one of the most difficult to climb the road, through continuous input terminal core chip research and development, to master the core technology, build a long-term, sustained competitiveness, to provide users with the best experience.”

as a leader in the field of ICT, huawei has the industry’s leading network environment, and can provide the world’s largest and most complex chip test lab environment, new technologies, such as accelerated the LTE commercial process.

these two years in the field of chip in huawei is visible, huawei are and international efforts have also been agreed on. After years of efforts, huawei has not only accumulated a powerful advantage in baseband chips, this one is in the chip design integration of the various modules are now reaping the breakthrough, form a balanced development of the strong momentum.

but on more core IP kernel, huawei haisi at present almost all are in direct borrow someone else’s technology patents. The kirin chip, because there is no actual products, we can’t learn haisi on ISP, coprocessor technology accumulation to a what kind of level in the end, not make irresponsible judgments.

but we also expect haisi next to catch up with apple, such as chip design companies in the field of chip design and development layout, more accumulation of more technology and patent, is worthy of karoshi haisi colleagues.