Hunan satellite TV is put forward the strategy of “mango run” counter logic behind the industry

article/third eye (micro letter: thirdsight)

in the time of the content is king, “run” has become the core of the Internet video site differentiation competition resources. Such as “I’m a singer”, “happy boys”, “Chinese good voice” run ace variety of entertainment such as networks, and helped to make very many video websites. Therefore, “run in power” in the middle of the video website, most, also not hesitate heavy gold. Such as “2013 happy boys” iQIYI spent 200 million, “Chinese good voice” sohu has spent 100 million.

however, a similar situation or due to hunan satellite TV entertainment kingdom’s latest strategy, and change. Recently many video site plans to buy “flowers and juvenile” right to run the rejection, hunan satellite TV with mango TV platform all shouted out “not sales, only run in” the sound. This means that, in thinking in Internet gain ground, mango Taiwan stands for radio and television group has grown out of the heart “attack” the grass. Mango TV platform, refers to the happy sunshine interactive entertainment media co., LTD., operating mango TV video website (, mango TV mobile phone, mango, Internet TV, hunan TV IPTV, etc. Mango TV platform although total from the user, browsing experience, compared with the now popular video website, have a certain gap, but the content of the scarce resource is attracting and cultivating the core of the video user key. Predictably, then, video website to attack the difficulty of the sitting room, no content support, how hard it is.

malicious put seven inches, “content” is the best weapon?

a snake to seven inches, there is no doubt for the video industry, “content” is the air, water and electricity, is the source of life. In the face of a group of “grasshopper” audience, who has the best content, who had the highest voice.

from TV dramas and variety shows, the content of the video website nearly 80%, contributed the main traffic video web site, also is the main form patch advertising. Although video site also try homemade drama, but the content is not fine, no scale, have as hard also temporarily.

in this regard, hunan TV this recruit, than simple raise price of copyright “accuracy and malicious”. And “mango window”, the logic behind the industry’s development, obviously isn’t easy.

1, in recent years, the rise of video website shunt more and more young people, past the whole family sitting in front of the television, waiting for a TV series and programs of cheng jing significant decline. This is an irreversible trend, television invested heavily to build a “large class” TV series and programs, get surprise effect, hit the doomsayers.

2, occupation of the sitting room is huge temptation, it is the core of the satellite positions. And video sites are trying to attack, through the box, the magic wand, smart TV, hope into this field. The TV and let your cake was a little eat, user a little diversion, fought back.

3, video website skilled in technology, the platform, user experience, but the board is the “content”. The most powerful and TV is a complete set of production line: the gathering star artist, the best screenwriter director, the most professional equipment, the most sufficient funds… . Thinking in content, in fact, it’s not that simple, the Internet will eventually return to the origin of the “products” “content”. At this point, provincial satellite confidently.

4, with mutual into their respective positions, the satellite can tap into the Internet, pushing back? From the industry trends and the development of logic, may be the next round of the grand opera. Hunan satellite TV launch mango TV the whole flat Taiwan independence strategy, the first sounded the horn counterattack, it represents the inner demands of radio and television system.

therefore, hunan satellite TV shouted “mango window”, the surface is a fight for the modification of the Internet, the Internet is refused to open and share, but in essence is a forgo short-term economic interests and long-term development of the market competition strategy.

competition how to exercise? Learn each other is the best offensive and defensive

the next competition how to exercise? How to take that and attack?

as mentioned analysis, the two sides each have a piece of core domain. Video web site at the heart of the people and the TV at the heart of the people are differentiated, in their respective core areas of competitive advantage is obvious, the two sides temporarily in a delicate balance.

apparently, mango TV stand up and break the balance. Or, power is in the smart TV video website, shout out your living room, the balance has been broken. But for other TV, follow the example of hunan satellite TV will maximize their own interests, is only a matter of time.

so, then, must be the local war to the comprehensive group operations. So this a war of “inevitable” when a full-blown? For the TV and video website, is it both? Not necessarily.

1, the satellite TV to re-examine and embrace “Internet thinking”. Although recently the word is used, but in the aspect of technology platform and user experience, etc., and youku potatoes, sohu, compared iQIYI, tencent, mango TV but there is still a certain gap in such aspects as video playback experience, has great room to improve.

2, video site occupied the setback to the sitting room is inevitable, but it is also a good thing, because the Internet company have strong learning ability. Compared with traditional enterprise more solid, more profound brand accumulation. With their own weaknesses attack other people’s strengths, such as it is a wrong war.

3, the concurrence of the war, not necessarily. Occupation is likely to be the result of the sitting room, video website will young users back to the living room, the mainstream television will also be completed faster, and the mainstream audiences because of the Internet TV into the Internet, no matter from which sense, are all worth it.

the latest to understand is that the concept of “mango run” after the launch, jiangsu satellite TV now follow suit, to sell all the resources to so-and-so web site. Starting from the hunan satellite TV, to join the mainstream TV, TV industry and accelerating industrial upgrading transformation. From the perspective of an audience, I would like to see the beginning of the show, can be TV and network video “wins” the feeling is really good, this may mean that smart TV after cheaper, more good-looking. I understand from sources, “mango run concept” actually contains more long-term planning, homemade program is not restricted to mango, there will be more film and television drama into mango TV platform, all true sole, high quality content integration, thereby further consolidate mango features, do real run in concept, cultivate loyalty ratings and browsing habits.