I don’t care for the – today’s headlines didn’t you think so well

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

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news today, personalized recommendation route information class client headlines today received a $100 million C round of financing, sequoia capital led, weibo and, after this round of funding today’s headline valuation of more than $500 million.

at least three weeks ago, the news went flying. Investment circle all things it is not necessary to seriously and released today, after some industry account V question, think investment circle sedan chair too much water.

my friend wu tree is considered, sohu is valued at $2.227 billion, including swimming sohu also holds a 67.7% stake, valued at $1 billion, in addition to sohu news client, live is more than 3 times of today’s headlines, and it is the secondary market price.

download user 120 million of today’s headlines, 40 million active users. Headlines today which is a technology driven company, its biggest characteristic is based on social network, data mining for personalized reading recommendations. Analysis on existing data mining, through the content of the algorithm is provided to the users are most interested in. Launched in August 2012, the founder yi-ming zhang, worked in many Internet companies, today’s headlines, it’s not a staff engaged in production and content of recommended, “we don’t make the news, we are news porter”.

recommended data mining, based on the algorithm, fierce a look at how the tall, editor had had for so many years never understand, now you have to shine after the things in my hand. Although don’t understand but it looks quite good, if say this disrespect will be laughed at amateur?

jobs and apple gave me the message, don’t worry about more than high-tech more dazzle bluffing, get upset is not good. Regardless of the data mining, machine learning, let’s take a look at today’s headlines user experience.

I have two pack headlines today unloading, because today’s news headlines to is it doesn’t interest me, client had Zaker and netease news, news has met the basic requirements for me. I asked some friends, all say today’s headline news in insignificant or chaotic, because the media said a bad download then try to not interested.

open today’s headlines today, recommend a first is “li: deepening the friendly relations and mutually beneficial cooperation division”, the source is the Chinese government network; The second is “small tips you can use to 23 life, very practical!” See the world from tease you. Ok, mixing calculate, but to make you see what the world is a web site? I rose up in the morning a race against time to watch the news you would recommend to me this?

in the headlines today is filled with a large number of unknown source of news, unable to recognize the truth and specious. Why do people read news? Because it’s to understand the situation to make a suitable for their own judgment, why need authority distribution, why the media credibility, because people need to know the full force of real news, dry goods.

I admit, now the Internet developed, content producers have not only confined to the professional editor, press the parties and witnesses cases, interest related people and industry professionals can through the microblogging, WeChat various channels, such as a voice. But screening, select from the mass content to find the most ideal material contribution to readers is obviously a huge project, want to use all sorts of data mining technology of various engine introduced all kinds of social relations, in the context of today’s headlines the algorithm, you still have lots more to.

interest of learning in today’s headline? Its import is the user’s weibo relationship chain, that’s why weibo and today’s headlines. Today’s headline is currently share the largest amount of information on weibo application. According to the report, today’s headlines will within 5 seconds after the microblogging users binding interest graph for the user to set up a DNA, thereby continuously intelligent recommend their favorite content to users. From my personal experience, today’s headlines for weibo users interests judgment was not successful.

of course, some people say that may be your use of today’s headlines time too short, the machine is not a short time to learn your interest hobby. This was a time of change quickly, so much APP, users have no obligation, also won’t take the time to help an application to improve the user experience, can’t see your good you went over 30 seconds, the reality is so cruel.

some people say that today’s headlines represents the class information application in the future, the news of the porter compared to traditional portals to cruel flavour is dye-in-the-wood. The news industry’s evolution from traditional newspaper first television to the web portal, then ChengXinWen client portal in the era of mobile development. Portal channels by squeezing the traditional media production, but has become mainstream, I still don’t see today’s headlines have paid for content providers. Though, in other words, the portal to less, but it also. Patterns of innovation can not become the excuse for not paying. So future instead of the news of the client, may be those who can establish the library of the local tyrants instead of content. And a lot of news reading mainly comes from the WeChat circle of friends and micro-blogging, social recommendation likely is the direction of the future.

I want, today’s headlines you also don’t for a while.