IBM greater China CTO Liu Yaxiao join China auto rental

cloud network hunting on June 23

domestic China auto rental car rental company announced today, IBM global technology services for greater China CTO and chief architecture j the clouds to join China auto rental, served as chief information officer (CIO).

Liu Yaxiao after joining the shenzhou car rental will be responsible for China auto rental information construction, as well as the company’s technology and business innovation.

before joining China auto rental, Liu Yaxiao have been working in IBM, IBM China one of the most senior technical experts. Liu Yaxiao in enterprise information system, mobile Internet, cloud computing and wisdom city planning and design with the iot solutions with rich experience.

Liu Yaxiao in 1999 have a master’s degree in computer science and technology department, tsinghua university, in 1997, received his bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology department, tsinghua university. China auto rental submit a prospectus in Hong Kong a few days ago, will land on Hong Kong capital market.