In addition to the Galaxy Note 4, samsung will also push the Gear VR virtual reality helmet

according to, the company will be held in September this year’s IFA conference, launching a called “Gear VR” virtual reality helmet equipment. Also when available along with the Galaxy Note 4.

a month ago, the news from engadget sole was first reported by samsung this virtual reality helmet. The media have won the authoritative source confirmed.

Gear is the most prominent feature of VR, the piece of equipment is “modular”, the user can use USB 3.0 plug their own Galaxy phone into Gear using VR. The design concept is similar and not so long ago.

however, analysts pointed out that, according to the samsung has always been a pricing strategy for new products, the initial price of Gear VR shouldn’t be cheap.

here is the media exposure of Gear VR photos.

a transparent button can start on the right side of the Galaxy phone rear camera sensor, let the wearer convenient view streaming video of the outside world. Transparent button below, it is a touch control, can control the Galaxy phone.

it is important to note that Gear VR hardware development from samsung, whereas software support from recently acquired by Facebook Oculus Rift.

illustration for engadget concept map