In the biggest protests, Uber application claims that people need to take a taxi.

recently, application of foreign taxi Uber of sky-high valuations at the same time, also encountered a boycott of the largest ever. Recently, London taxi companies, taxi labor organization, the alliance launched its taxi drivers, the Uber protests began a long time. Nonetheless, Uber coping attitude is quite strong, not only in the UK has launched a new service, also announced in the protests on the same day, Uber London users increased by 850%.

London protests starting at 2 PM local time, so far there have been 12000 drivers to join the demonstration interaction.

the Uber UK managing director unceremoniously responded: “London people use their fingers to prove everything, they need a taxi Uber application. Traditional taxi joint institutions, have been in deep darkness closed ignorance.”

analysts pointed out that the taxi industry management institutions and taxi companies, or to obstruct Uber one thousand, lies in the new things invaded this belongs to them, have stable market profits. However, Uber in policy in the “gray area”, its security is also an important reason people question its.

angry angry Uber, London taxi driver also angry at the government agencies. They claim that TFL colluding with Uber, common man traditional taxi industry.

although encountered such a large-scale boycott, Uber still poised on the surface. “Uber has entered the wheels move. Yes, that’s all.” Uber spokesman said.