In the field of mobile Internet, optimal financial do stocks new spoiler

stock market risk, investment should be cautious . The front to say this, because it is the truth of the stock market industry.

if you’re a stock market enthusiasts, happens to you is a small white ((including universal Chinese aunt), can think the stock market is a practice of bile out of gold market, oneself can do, but I don’t know how to introduction, struggling to go to the bookstore to buy a stock fast fierce bite into guide has no effect. So, poor donor, you can try to use today introduces stock products from finance and imitate is Fried. Why are the two products? To say the reason, should be the stock market is not a anyone enter can literally out of gold. Crash is always a fable (if you see the strands of god, is the media need to be more, you know).

write this industry, I still want to write with caution, because it’s about the money, and forced to force is not a media should have moral integrity . Jin hui prosperous time of their positioning is: mobile Internet financial information services (by far the PC not good). Management has 10 years experience in Internet and financial industry. Focuses on the mobile Internet business. The PC has been great wisdom, flush, finance, with dispatch etc. Eating, but just not big on the part of the mobile Internet, so the team think the mobile Internet is a breakthrough opportunities.

they launched the two best regard money, imitate is Fried. A positioning and information community, a positioning and imitate is Fried . Before one of the biggest value is to provide useful financial information to the user and the outstanding product analysis. After a product is to provide users to imitate is Fried, core functions are: simulated trading in securities – the use of virtual money to fry the actual shares. High simulation system lead to ordinary investors gain real experience of fry. Purpose: to let new people learn by simulated trading to fry, let old people use products improve the level of operation. Innovation is that the stock market school types in the application is very niche, basic knowledge in detail, also suitable for small white learn stock market. Chat chat with other people is, in the community communication improve together. And have a quiz game plate with movements, strengthen the interest, and fry often imitate is Fried contest, through competition, to stimulate learning.

summarizes the above story is, best regard finance as a novice or veteran get dry stock market information, understand the industry, for growth. Imitate is Fried more play the role of virtual combat , to learn, interaction, and practice. This is probably the most solid growth model in the stock market, even if you are local tyrants, also do not stand up to China’s stock market is strange. Through virtual fry eyes can be used for the transition of its growth.

the market at present, fry a software and great wisdom, such as flush, new entry jin hui shengshi team said that at present they both products have 3 million registered users, have more than 100000 daily uv. They also talk to at the same time, the industry towards financial stocks must be professional, in addition to professional, mobile finance flow and location is also important, verticality and professionalism are the breakthrough to future mobile financial products. Mobile end products in user experience at the same time, the design of the product innovation and operations are also must pay attention to. but finally broken remind a bit, the stock market has a risk, investment should be cautious .
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