Independent game developer’s son boat interview

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the son boat as the author met old friendship dates back to the 7 or 8 years ago. Two months ago, the old Europe and I chat on the net to their recent foray into iOS mobile game development. Coincided with the Flappy big Bird heat, the author before contact with individual game developers, therefore to his game “workshop” operation mode also added a few minutes.

84 years old European strangers when university choose the computer professional is derived from childhood with the game development design dream. Old said his favorite three game is blizzard starcraft, ke nano live football and later fruit ninja. Since 5 years after graduation, old Europe began in his hometown in hunan in building e-government website work, come to Beijing to work after content still website building maintenance and technical support work. Old European admitted that the current code farming life is not what you want, and with the emergence of iOS intelligent mobile platform, as well as Flappy Bird such indie game success also gave the old European great confidence.

about three years ago, the old European plans for a similar outbreak site application of the cartoon editor, looking for a chat to make mobile phone version of the feasibility, then through the author met another person has now moved by Canadian iOS individual developers “red”. Through the exchange of two people, “red” gave old Europe a lot of encouragement, confidence, also increased the old European cuts in this field will deep sleep years of personal interest he has dug up again. Although at that time, because the domestic website’s strict controls, the outbreak of cartoon editor finally still stays in the stage of demo, no input energy. But the old Europe is also more determine their direction in the future.

12 years Christmas, old Europe to purchase the Mac Book. Ever to work during the day and night use personal time research Object – C and try to do the iOS platform application development, and gradually began to turn our attention to hand with popular nowadays to swim.

this rabbits& Eagle is the old Europe’s first try water work. In October last year began making, launched in March this year, the development for about half a year. Of continuously grope for, and the game itself also has experienced several iterations, version with old European words: at first you don’t control the bulldozer experience before, first with a shovel. IOS development is relatively easy, don’t need a large number of android devices for adaptation and optimization. So will the iOS as a starting point for the old Europe is a wise choice.

because of old Europe have no art strength, found a graphic outsourcing on taobao. Old Europe hopes to use a concise style drawing role and games LOGO, but the other party has no experience in game design, not to the purpose all the time, then give up. After several twists and turns, finally got his girlfriend’s sister – a friend currently attending school game production professional female, assist, to finish the game art assets.

at the beginning of the game finished, the old Europe through their demo for inspiration. Once the inspiration, immediately get out of bed. Game experience several times modified, iterative development, until after their satisfaction, which is called the “first to submit on the App Store.

application is submitted for the first time, after more than 10 days of waiting, received feedback: the apple application exists some problems that can lead to collapse, the other on the built-in buy do remind children, so cannot be submitted as the application of design class for children. Behind the old Europe and submitted to modify the program Settings, modify the program, after about half a month to resubmit, morning on the fifth day of the second submitted after received the product shelves.

the old version believes the current longitudinal shooter game there are two types of problems: finger touch operation directly shade the player’s field of vision, in addition to the casual games as kill fragments of time, need hands operation also limits the game scene. So the old European games at design time using accelerometer to manipulate, players need to move through the tilt the phone the role can be realized in control.

although still is a leisure game, however, the old Europe is still game design and slay the rating system. As the leading role the rabbit hit sank the eagle, an increase in the number of the role of the upgrade will also increase. Role after the upgrade to increase the volume, but also increased the bullet (carrot) transmission frequency, kill the cooling time. Different initial role Bob and Eva damage, killing the cooling time and the effect of kill also each are not identical.

in the game, the old European admits not expect it to such as Flappy Bird to be performed, but the game can be used as their achievements in the field of game development with the ticket. The old Europe intends to try new works, while looking for a suitable mobile game team. Until the time is right, the old Europe is going to leave your present job, formally entered the game industry.