Industrial capital new trend: aiming at overseas high-quality science and technology “air”

(word/qing nan)

in the domestic companies in the domestic to mergers and acquisitions investment reached record leading markets, the chasing around the overseas quality “goods” are also shown.

from last November to GO digital desktop parent long bond in the nasdaq IPO, cheetah mobile listed on the eve of millet, tencent and jinshan joint capital injection; UC gifted as it is close to $4 billion valuation is ali all income bursa; The latest is a dolphin browser for $91 million to changyou transfer 51% of the shares. And for that, and net qin’s $80 million takeover of micro le wallpaper 58% stake.

these companies have a common characteristic is home to both at home, but in paragraphs one or more products in overseas markets have a higher visibility, and even in some countries has occupied a large market share. GO global more than 300 million desktop users, for example 7 chengdu abroad; Cheetah move 63% of the world’s 500 million users from abroad; UC browser users more than 100 million overseas, in more than 150 countries and regions; Dolphin browser despite competing with UC, but also in overseas have captured many high-end personage, the United States about 100 million, the number of users are mainly distributed in overseas.

another thing in common is that these products have the value “channels”, in the application of distribution, with the foundation of commercial advertisements, etc, and some products have obtained considerable revenue.

these frequent trading is a background of the birth of Chinese Internet companies internationalization strategy has failed with the PC era, the domestic company and the us and Europe in the era of mobile Internet gap has narrowed considerably, compared to the overseas market demand increasingly, especially in the domestic game startups, electricity and other fields, not only such, millet, changyou DaTiLiang companies overseas are also subject to overseas channels. Sea phenomenon is no longer the case, and gradually become common, but subject to language, culture, environment, policy factors, such as separate out of all the difficulties. In the process, in overseas has been behind the mover advantage products value began to reflect.

as a result, domestic technology giants in around their ecological compete to investment, and gradually put the eye to the overseas market, investment has the competitive advantage of mature products to grafting channels, while reduce the cost of trial and error, output not only its own products, but also the two investment returns.

believe this investment trend will continue to continue. So, what other companies may become the trading object? Cloud network hunting for inventory, for the reference.

1 and the diffuse camera

in June, according to the latest figures it online for less than a year of real cartoon App users has exceeded 160 million, including overseas users close to 6 (nearly 100 million). Is rare, it was seen as “a flash in the pan” product is broke the curse has maintained rapid growth, and often occupy the App Store and Google Play App Store top, and the user is strongly adhesive.

at the moment, with a large user of magic camera didn’t start commercialization, also in the accumulation of development to the user. But according to the development of the next dimension, as magic camera may be in the value-added services, ads, application distribution business.

2, Camera360

as of May 2014 in nearly 300 million users worldwide, about half the user from overseas regions, especially good grades in southeast Asia.

3, touch input method

in June, according to the latest figures touch input method is the world’s second largest mobile phone input method, has more than 150 million users, the main users in the overseas, has supported more than 80 languages, more than 100 countries and regions throughout the world with t-mobile, France telecom), zte, huawei, HTC, SONY, etc. Have cooperation.

contact pay treasure to the main business model is the overseas operator, a touch products pre-installed on contract machine. In may last year, according to touch the treasure has input the product won more than ten million yuan per year.

4, touch technology

although originally u.s.-listed touch to suspend the IPO plans, the reason was that the capital markets have not been able to give the company a reasonable valuation, among them, the engine is capital market as a business is worthless. However this is not so simple, Chen Haozhi to touch the positioning is not a game company, but a engine service platform.

this means that a touch in the future in the game engine is the focus of the above. Although this is not directly to the ordinary players service platform, but its as the platform of game developers, we have accumulated a wealth of domestic and foreign faithful enterprise users, the actual value is still rising. According to Chen Haozhi since the previous forecast of $600 million between numerical and roadshow capital markets close to 0, there is plenty of space operation, truly realize the engine business value industry capital may be tempted.

5, Wan Xing technology

focus on overseas sales of software products, more than 200 million yuan, annual revenue Powercam similar software download charts in multiple countries, 2012 App Store “annual excellent App”. Its established channels should be mature domestic enterprises to overseas market value.

6, YiWeiYi

the YiWeiYi move, established in 2009 is the Chinese Internet companies to large overseas promotion, effective, accurate advertising platform, has been the opening of a branch office in Beijing, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and plans to set up in London, New York, Berlin, Seoul and division. In April this year, YiWeiYi announced a $48 million financing.

its clients on the list such as tencent, baidu, sohu, jinshan domestic Internet giants, many of China’s Internet products, games through it into the international users such as computer, mobile phone terminals. In the third quarter of 2013, the company become a micro letter to the international mobile extension agents.